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Tired of wasting my time. Wanted to train: resentful whiners


Around 5 seconds each, I would like 2 sets of each. The youtube channel is about Cryptocurrency and bitcoin and I do not want my channel added to a non applicable canned video that someone already has. I would like the intro and outro to be crytpocurrency related. It would be a bonus if you’ve already done a crypto related youtube intro/outro.

I’ve written a bunch of sellers and no one has came through and most don’t even respond even though fiverr has them as “responds within an hour” . I want something completed by the weekend at this point. I’m willing to pay $30 USD, which based on my searches is at the higher end of the scale.

Message me if you are serious, I don’t want to waste any more of my time please.


To all of the cry babies whining in this post, take a look in the mirror and see yourself as you really are … an overcharging inflexible fool that is so resentful that others don’t think you are worth what you think you are worth on fiverr, that you come to complain in a post unrelated to any business transaction of your own. You’ve misread and misrepresented my post through your sensitive “I don’t get paid enough” glasses instead of going about your actual business, it’s pretty sad actually

Here is some advice (and it’s free), if you don’t think you get paid enough, go somewhere else. There is obviously better and less expensive competition, so instead of whining in this thread do something that will actually make a difference … go to another site where there is less competition, increase your skills to stand out and be worth the extra money, lower your prices or quit the industry altogether.

To mariokluser, you didn’t get my business, you aren’t getting my business and you’ll never get my business. The world doesn’t revolve around you, get over yourself.


This isn’t the right place for requests.

Go to the main website, click on Buying and then Post a Request. You can post it there, and the replies should start rolling in :slight_smile:

Best of luck.



There’s your problem. You’re not going to get the kind of work you need for $30. It’s not possible at that price.


That’s incorrect. I see multiple sellers offering that for 10 or 20 dollars. Do a search


And look at the luck you’re having.


You get what you pay for mate! Most of these sellers use free or even unlicensed templates to do such intros. If you want something unique you need to pay more :slight_smile:


Yes, let’s look at the luck I’m having. I contact a few sellers based on their pricing and they either don’t write back at all or they write back once but don’t continue. That’s a reflection of the site, not anything else. And I have British guy whining in my post where I offer more than what I see sellers advertising. No one wants to pay GBP labor rates mate, your position is bullocks.

If it’s $50, that’s no big deal either, but that’s all I’m willing to pay before I download software and make it myself.


No, that’s a reflection of those sellers, NOT Fiverr. It’s not Fiverr’s responsibility to make sellers respond to your messages. You are interacting with sellers, not the people who run the Fiverr site. Therefore, it’s not appropriate to be blaming seller communication issues on the site itself.

Fiverr is a great place to communicate with sellers (especially the good, honorable sellers). You just happen to have limited luck when it comes to convincing sellers to take on your job(s).


Betcha I’m richer and cleverer than you though :grin:


I have to side with @cyaxrex and common sense on this one.

You are asking for custom work, by the weekend for $30.

I don’t think you’ll get that either here on Fiverr, or anywhere else for that matter.

Correction: you may get that, but you will most certainly won’t want to use whatever is delivered.


So you don’t believe that the very low budget is related to the fact that you are getting no responses/unprofessional behavior?


Remember, sellers will only get $24 out of that $30. And you want four 5 second intros and outros, so that is $6 for each.

And you want it by the weekend, and it has to be custom work. It doesn’t sound like a tempting offer.


You don’t have to waste your time. Simply buy the software yourself and make the intro :wink:
Who knows, maybe you’ll like it and you can start selling intros yourself. It’s not like you’ll have any competition based on your experience so far.


It’s not a reflection of anything but these particular sellers not being interested enough in your offer to even respond. You are not contacting sellers who have either the ability or the interest in what you are offering. Your price is too low for what you want.


You can not blame the sellers. maybe they are not interest in your price and also fiverr staff doing great job for sellers and buyers.


You’re on a roll, wrong again on both counts. Now if you were to write “whiney” I would certainly digress and give you that title for sure.


That “budget” is based on other peoples asking prices. I didn’t pick that number out of thin air. I actually have 23 offers according to the website now. What’s a reasonable budget in your opinion?


I hope you come back after you choose one and let us know if it turned out ok.


Yes please show us what you ended up with! :slight_smile:


And there is your problem. “other people’s asking prices” are not for custom work, they are for customizing templates, a 15-30 minute job in many cases.

Have you checked any of them yet? Most will be from sellers who are completely incompetent who have not even read your request.

Creating a basic but unique video intro from scratch will take several hours to a day. Creating 4 of them will take 12-30 hours. Let’s say minimum wage of $10/hour for your budget but in reality it should be 3-5 times that.