Title contain Excessive use of the term: logo


Hello Dear Friends!

I am new in fiverr so whenever i create a logo gig then it show an error “Title contain Excessive use of the term: logo” but how can it possible because my logo title is " I will design outstanding logo", You can see in screenshot.

Please tell me how to solve it.

Thank you


contact customer support <

I think it is an error as I just received a similar message


Thank you markp


same here logo,facebook,twitter and many more

check that and fix we can create gig


@allrounder5ver support are aware of this and dealing with it but I suggest you contact them and let them know you have a problem as no one from support is on here


This is happening to me too


The use of the term logo is limited. If you have issues contact CS: http://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Good luck!

Fiverr Customer Support