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Title contains illegal characters?

hi, may I know what is the problem here??? Thanks


change your gig title. Because your gig title already used.

do you mean the extra gig? So I want to charge only $1 per minute if they only want SRT file. I don’t know how to put the titles, sorry. :neutral_face:

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I think you used " gig extras " , there will be the problem… Not here.
But using price here, it is not appropriate also

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Have you fixed this?

If not, can you share a screenshot of Gig Extra title?


It’s usually a dash “-” that causes this error message.

try to make a good gig

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If you checked all the issue and didn’t find any fault, then It may be a bug of fiverr. I already faced that kinda problem though I didn’t made any fault. Then I just deleted that gig and upload again. So, try to upload your gig again if you didn’t find any problem to fix

Hi, I just really wanted to charge $1 per 1 minute of video if they only want SRT files.
If this doesn’t work out, maybe it is just better to write in gig description then.

the real reason I am thinking of making changes to gig prices is because I think my previous gig price is underpriced… so yeah, I already have experiences in making subtitles, I just need ways to raise up prices a bit (while the client is not mad at me for doing so :slight_smile:)


On gig’s extras title You can’t mention the price $ amount…

One thing you can write like this - (5min) buyer will understand that each min price is $1.
Best if you Define it on Gig’s Description, images if it is that important.