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Title, Cover Photo, Description or Tags, Which is the most important?


Hello Fiverr Members.
Can any tell me what is the important thing when creating a New GIG.?

  1. Title
  2. Cover Photo
  3. Description
  4. Tags

I need to comments for all experience fiverr members,
Thanks for all.


All of them are important. However,

  1. the video or gig photo is the first seen by interested buyers (humans tend to prefer images more than words)

  2. the title is the next one seen after the video/photo, because it provides a clear/concise description of what gets delivered

  3. the search tags are probably next because they are in charge of positioning your gig among the crowd (and is probably used in conjunction with your title, too)

  4. the description is what I would put last, especially since most buyers will never read it, but still is important since it’s being indexed by Google, and when SEOed right, it can propel your gig on Google’s SERPs

Now keep in mind that this is not a definitive or official order of things - it’s just the way I see it.


It’s impossible for us to know which is most important, but we can tell you they are all important. You should optimize each as much as you can.


Thank you so much for share important tips