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Titles for purchased orders


I purchase many gigs on fiverr and sometimes I need to go back and find a purchased gig later for an edit or reuse. It is sooooo difficult having to comb through many gigs to find one. Is there a way to be able to name your gig so you can go back later and retrieve your actual completed project without having to comb through many?


yeah there is way … you will see a option on the gig you purchase with love icon , that is a favorite option when you click that the gig will save into your favorite collection on fiverr and by it you can find the gig anytime on your collection


and to find the saved option later … you just need to click the “buying” button on the top right menu then you will see the saved option …and from there you will go …


There is a way. You can see an option to add a note on top right corner of the order page. You can add a private note there. It is only visible to you!

Here is an example. I just added “Completed” as my note

You can see that note on your list of orders. You need to click it to see the note. This way is much easier for me to go through completed orders

Hope this will help you as well


This sounds amazing. I can’t seem to find the area to add a private note??? I opened up the list of all my orders. The only option i see is



Are you a seller or buyer? your categories look different than mine as I am a buyer.


Oh I am sorry about that!

I am also a buyer. I checked only on seller view. You are right . I can’t see that feature on purchased list . :roll_eyes:


Awww shucks!! That would have been perfect!!!

Thank you!