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tittle:How can I earn 10 Doller per day as a professional web designer :D

I am new on Fiverr and how ever I have to earn at lest some money as a web designer. I am a professional web designer but as if I am new here so I can’t make any sell.

I am ready to work all day (8-10 hours) for just 10 Doller(lol) * :sweat_smile:

If anyone can suggest me about that. It will be better for My life:)

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Ten bucks to Fiverr is eight bucks to you, and you want to work ten hours for that?

You want your life to be better?

Stop offering to work for slave rates like eighty cents an hour.

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@voiceoverandy Sorry to say, I have a problem and I need money. So eight bucks is better than nothing :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So What can I do please suggest :slight_smile:

I am not interested to do it. But I need min. 1500-2000 Doller in this time and it is badly needed. So I just try sold my body for lower cost :slight_smile: to solve this problem.

Sir if you had not face any Finencial problem you never told it :slight_smile:
Try to understand :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your suggestion. God bless you :heartpulse:

I’ve known many financial horrors.

Been bust. Been worth a million on paper. Been bust again. Hell, I’ve lived everywhere from luxurious villas, to on a roof, under a tarpaulin, and even what I’d call a ghetto slum.

Please don’t think I’ve been without my fair share of ups and downs.

You’re here in the hope of picking up a couple of grand in quick time.

Reality check - it ain’t gonna happen.

It can people here months, if not years to get that kind of cash from the platform.

I wish you luck, but think you should be exploring alternative income sources.

Oh Really :sweat:

Yeah Your are right and I also known about that.)
So I try to sell my service so cheaply.

Thank you. Thank you so much for you suggestion.
Thanks a lot :heartpulse: