To all bloggers, free tips on getting your blog posts read with RSS Feed power


I see a lot of people selling Fiverr gigs where they will blog about your service to their subscribers, but when I visit their blogs, they have no subscribers. How do I know this? Because their blog posts have no comments. Having comments on your blog is the surefire way to measure how popular your blog is. It’s not about search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Even if you get good traffic to your blog, if nobody is commenting, your blog is not being read and people are bouncing off your blog.

If you have readers and subscribers, you will surely have comments. Some guy yesterday told me on Fiverr that his Fiverr blog was on the second page of Google and when he gave me the keyword, he was nowhere to be found. As the owner of a popular blog network, I can see his lie from a mile away. You know who you are :wink: He could have just told me that he was not interested instead of giving me a BS story about how his blog is doing well on Google when It clearly is not.

I own a blog network and have a gig where I feature your blog at

If you truly want to have a popular blog and get people to comment and return, here are some free tips from someone who sees hundreds of blogs a day:

  1. Post 2 to 3 times per week. I see some bloggers who do not post for a week. If you post more than once a week, you will:

    A) Get better search engine rankings

    B) Not lose your potential subscribers. Your readers will never come back if they do not see updated blog posts.

  2. Make your RSS feed link visible. I know some people do not understand RSS feeds, but I will attest that they are the most powerful internet marketing tool available to bloggers, even more powerful than social media and search engine rankings since RSS feeds allow your blog posts to be syndicated outside of your blog. That is huge. RSS feeds, as misunderstood as they are, are the most powerful tool any blogger can use. If see a lot of blogs where the RSS feed is not visible because the blogger turned it off. BIG mistake. Add your RSS feed links to your Wordpress header, footer, and sidebar. It is that important.

  3. Add social media share links. You can get them free from ShareThis. If people could only share your blog posts, that’s more links back to your blog for you from some website I never heard of called Facebook. Oh yeah, some other website called Twitter. Never heard of that site either. LOL JK.

  4. Make your blog posts 3 normal paragraphs, no more and no less. Less than 3 makes you look like you are not putting an effort in to connect with your audience. More than 3 paragraphs will bore the living daylights out of them and they won’t be back to read your other blog posts.

  5. Most importantly: Do NOT assume people will just share your blog posts or comment on them. You need to ask them to comment and share. Ask nicely without begging. The more comments you get on your blog, the more popular your blog will look and the more Fiverr gigs you can sell blogging about people and their businesses.

    I will feature your blog on our blog network for 3 months: I own a blog network and have a gig where I feature your blog at



Nobody here has blogs?


I think a lot of people read blogs but don’t bother to comment on them. I’m not sure why they don’t comment–maybe they’re busy or shy or…? It’s a shame that more people don’t comment because it’s nice to know when people appreciate what you blog about.


I have blogs… but more for my customers than for me.


Reply to @teenytinypress: It may be true that people read without commenting, that does not help the blogger measure the popularity of his/her blog and show others how popular it is.

On my blog network, I always add the blogs first that have the most comments.


Reply to @lparziale: Are you getting comments from them?


Yes, too many and about 90% are SPAM.


Reply to @lparziale: Do you have Wordpress or blogger?


I wish more people would comment when they like what they read in a post.