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To all buyers, make negative reviews/feedback only a last resort. It hurts everyone!

I want to make all buyers aware of the fact that one day, you may wake up and have something to sell on Fiverr. You will at that moment become a newbie seller.

Communication is always the key…In business or love, so with that said, you can always ask the seller for a solution…tell the seller that you are not happy with their service

I have one negative review out of hundreds of sales with positive reviews and all the buyer had to do was tell me she was dis-satisfied and I would have worked with her to resolve the issue. I tried and never heard from her again and now, I have to look at this ugly “98%” for one of my best selling gigs. I often wonder if I would have more sales if that was still 100%.

Fiverr seems now to give all buyers and sellers several tools to resolve disputes including:

  1. Mutual cancellations
  2. Rejections
  3. Best of all: communication through the messaging system.
  4. Customer Support

    These 4 tools/services really make negative feedback obsolete in my opinion. You can always get your money back.

    Would you sue a restaurant because the food tasted bad?

    Think about every time you went out to a restaurant and had a meal you just did not like. Did you run to your lawyer and try to sue the restaurant? I would hope not. You may have just asked for your money back or decided never to eat there again. You also did not email the editor in chief of the local newspaper to tell everyone that the food was bad. The restaurant manager would probably give you a free meal for next time to make you happy.

    Negative reviews should only be used in rare situations and in this circumstance:

  1. The seller is being totally unprofessional with a bad attitude toward you or his/her product or is not communicating. Do NOT give a seller a bad review, because his/her product is not as you expected.

    Remember that negative reviews hurt everyone including:

  2. The seller
  3. You as the buyer
  4. Also I would assume Fiverr itself, because of lost profits.

    Very few sellers are unprofessional and I have had some poor deliveries from sellers, but their attitude and communication were excellent, so I decided to give them good feedback anyway and/or ask for my money back and a good seller will work with you to make you happy. A bad seller will just ignore you and not communicate at all.

    Threatening Sellers With Bad Reviews:

    This happens to a lot of honest sellers. The worst thing some buyers do now is threaten honest sellers with bad reviews. That can get you, as a buyer, kicked out of Fiverr and it does not make the seller happy delivering anything to you.

    Bottom Line

    So bottom line, buyers, please stop thinking that giving bad reviews is the only solution to a bad delivery. What goes around comes around and you may find yourself on the wrong end of a bad review one day.

lea_fr said: Nice tips, I wish all buyers follow this tips.

Me too! LOL
lea_fr said: Nice tips, I wish all buyers follow this tips.

Me too! LOL
lea_fr said: Nice tips, I wish all buyers follow this tips.

Me too! LOL
lea_fr said: Nice tips, I wish all buyers follow this tips.

Me too! LOL
lea_fr said: Nice tips, I wish all buyers follow this tips.

Me too! LOL

Nice tips, I wish all buyers follow this tips.

backlink_girl said: Yes i really support. Good advise sir

Thanks, backlink_girl.

I am only a buyer, and I don’t pay much attention to sellers rating unless it is very low. Like if there is someone with only 5 comments and all of them “Seller failed to deliver on time”, that is a warning sign. But if the seller has 100 positives and 5 negatives - well that is statistics, you can’t please everyone. Anyway, I believe my personal experience more than any ratings.

In my life I have many situations when someone negatively commented some person. I remember in university during my Masters, some students were calling one of professors a complete jerk! Many of them said the guy is tough, difficult to work with, always failing people, bla, bla. But I knew those people receiving C-F are not the brightest students (lazy but snobbish). Fortunately this professor was assigned to be a promoter for my thesis. Other students told I am “dead mean walking” and it is a worse thing that may happen!

In fact, this professor is one of the smartest people I ever met (Great experience in top companies, PhD in physics, hold degree in law and economics), he makes you brain heat and nearly explode with information, and very, very demanding! I am proud to be working with him, and not only survive but get an A-!! So…

All I wanted to say, Sellers don’t worry too much about bad ratings! I think any buyer who ordered at least 10 gigs already knows that ratings give you only a rough idea of how the seller performs for the majority, but everyone is unique. Bad for everyone can be a perfect fit for you and vice-versa! Don’t let some review put you down, explain your point in the feedback to a buyer. IMHO, some polite, factual respond to a bad review may work to your advantage, may actually improve your image in the eyes of a potential buyer. At least it worked for me!


Mike K.

Yes i really support. Good advise sir

Reply to @kornilov: Hey Mike. Good insights and I am glad we are working together on Fiverr :wink:


Good insight but my view is to help warn other buyers not to buy something from a seller. While you can get your money back, there is the problem of having to use that money to buy something else on Fiverr (and not everyone does that). This also stops being able to warn others about a seller so other buyers order and then have to go through a process to get their money back. If they already knew of the issues, they may not bother hiring in the first place and look for another, legitimate seller for their needs and save time and hassle.

I’m never quick to leave negative feedback. I’ll try and work it out with a seller first and hope that people will do the same with me. However, if there was a seller misleading and scamming people then I would want to warn other people to stay away. Please note that I would only leave bad feedback if it came to light that the seller was a scammer, selling illegal products etc. Unless there is a way to contact Customer Support to have that seller removed from Fiverr completely but I don’t think that would be an option yet.

Reply to @hotwebideas: Simply speaking, I see a lot of potential in working with you :slight_smile:

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I see, Life is really tough for perfectionists!

I think I begin to understand what rating means to you.

@madmoo, @hotwebideas I wish you all the good luck in keeping your record perfect, that is amazing how much you work and dedicate to it.

"A lot of it is subjective and what one person loves, another will feel ambivalent."

Yes, and if it was just because of that, I wouldn’t leave a negative and would find another way around it.

Edited to say: Don’t know how to just quote one line from a post but it was from Madmoo :slight_smile:

kornilov said: I see, Life is really tough for perfectionists!
I think I begin to understand what rating means to you.

YES... and not all buyers are as rational as YOU. I've found you a very sensible buyer to get along with :) And I have forward planned to have a deliverable off to you today. :)

As far as the broader situation of “advising and warning” sellers, I get that in principle. However, the buyer not getting current positive feedback is already a sort of message. Furthermore, there’s no reason you cannot leave positive feedback saying “This was not a good fit for me, but the buyer was willing to offer a refund, I’ve taken it. So at least you can order with the confidence of knowing that your only risk is the time”

Bruce, I am sorry that you had this issue and you give great advise to the buyers. I hope that in 2013 you are bumped to a TRS

oldbittygrandma said:
Just highlight what you want to quote and click on the quote button that appears. If you are using an iPad, the quote button may not appear.

Ah, Thanks oldbittygrandma. :)

Reply to @kornilov: Hey Mike. Thank you, my friend. We’ll be doing a lot together here :wink: