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Wow, hun??? That hasn’t happened to me yet…same with sweetie or honey.
Not sure how I’d react to that!

And they call men “hun” as well, been there myself, but for some reason being called like that made me feel like talking to my mother or grandma, it made me feel comfy :stuck_out_tongue:

you are right :slight_smile: good openion

Life’s quick!
I pay - You cast - I get love/money/cuddle : All these needs to happen in a score of minutes!



Sorry, these can’t happen instantly.

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Happens to me all the time. Especially with $5 orders. ‘‘Is it ready yet?’’ ‘‘Any updates?’’

It seems like many buyers do not realize that we are working on more than one order and that when it is done it will be delivered.

I even saved a quick reply for those to save time. :smile:


They expect me to respond instantly when they see I’m online and I’m usually busy when they are frantically messaging me. Does anyone else talk to two or three people at the same time?


I used to respond to messages in the same time until one day for some reason I got a wake-up call. Not only did I send a message to the wrong person, but I also delivered the order to another buyer by accident in the same day. Although the buyer did receive his order first, he still decided it was fair to leave a 3 star review, despite the fact that I did something extra for his order with no extra payment and delivered his order within just 10 hours.

That was the day which opened my eyes and made me realize that I am a human being and I cannot do so many things in the same time. Since then, I am only answering messages when I can, even though my response rate is dropping.

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I got one of these messages last night. I happened to have my inbox open at the time, so I replied within seconds: “Hi. How can I help you?” No answer. It makes me wonder why she sent me a message at all.