To all sellers experiencing site problems - please read [RESOLVED]


From reading the forums and experiencing outages myself I want to be sure you all know that you are not alone with your issues. I know there are issues with site pages going down, some unavailable features, message and delivery, images, etc. I understand how easy it is to panic, but hang in there and it all will get fixed in time.

If you do run late on a delivery, if possible take screen shots to show that the delivery was due to an outage. Hang on to your screen shots, try again later, and realize some buyers will be having problems too so many will understand. If you still have buyer problems later you can send your screen shots to Customer Support.

There have been outages after updates before and CS does try to help. When you message them remember that this is stressful for everyone. Stay polite, be clear, and don’t take things out on the wrong person. All will be resolved as fast as they are able to fix it. :slight_smile:

Many of the issues have been fixed. Users are welcome to contact Customer Support about remaining issues. The thread is still up as a place to vent and talk about these problems and the thread is now in the Ranting Pot for that.


I am Facing real Outage on Fiverr, The Homepage appears with multiple images but not all.
However the Dashboard doesnt appear with any image.Also tried other pages.It seems Fiverr experiancing hugh outage, with no notification by support team.

Fiverr team, Please let the audience know in advance if it is likely to face possible outages!


I just got a notification of an inbox msg, went to check it and it came up with some error msg that it didn’t exist, unfortunately I didn’t copy n paste it as I went to check my notifications and the message didn’t appear again?
Not liking these “maintenance issues” at all atm, annoying to say the least :frowning:


its happen to me too . previous message with seller not display. i dont know what goin on.
support team please take an action. maybe many of you got this problem today. :frowning:


I received an order about 20 minutes ago, and just delivered it without any problem.
At least right now everything seems to work fine, except gig videos and some images, that are not showing in searches.


Everything is fine and smooth till now :slight_smile:


All is fine with me, no problems


Cant load my to do list. Can only seem to load the skeleton of the site… Frustrating.


None of the issues have been resolved on my side so far. I have two gigs pending, that i just cannot deliver because the file browse/attach button in the “Deliver” window is absent!

Furthermore, all messages are missing in my inbox.


not able to deliver even not able to open dashboard need to deliver… what to do.


hey sir my inbox displaying no messages


For me some pages load but can’t read clients messages as all message pages are just blank.
As this seems to be a global site issue i wont add to the ticket queue, instead ill just try again tomorrow.


My gigs are not displayed((


It seems everything is gone now. I was so lucky to get an order and deliver it just during the few minutes that everything was working fine.


I have also problems with profile page, dashboard, inbox… Basically I can’t see any order on my list, any messages form my inbox…

Fiverr what is going on!?


Oh my god. Now everything is gone from my end as well! I cannot even click on the “Deliver” button anymore. If i click on it, nothing happens, no popup window, nothing at all…and the entire format of the gig order page is totally screwed! The text on the pages is appearing as cluttered garbage


Why on earth are we being informed of this by a seller as opposed by some official statement by Fiverr? Customer Support, you did it again. Incredible.


What is really irresponsible, is the fact that fiverr support services have not informed any of their users about this major technical fault, nor have they put it up as a notice on the fiver website.

This cannot be classified as a minor fault. It puts the work, credibility, funds and deadlines of all the users at risk.


I’m hanging in there too, have orders due in some hours.


It is mindbogglings that a website which is doing business of probably hundreds of thousands of dollars per day, did not even bother to notify its users of A COMPLETE BLACKOUT … even after so many hours have passed!