To all SELLERS's community here on Fiverr


Hello everyone, I hope you are well, I need your help, however reading this message and doing something about it can also benefit you, so that in the future you don’t have the same problem I have now.

Some time ago I read in Fiverr’s Facebook page a comment from a user complaining that he had done a job for a customer and they agreed that he would be paid an X amount of money, and after several months of having that job delivered on time and paid, the customer asked the return of his money for that order that he had already received, so that the seller was deducted that amount of money from his balance without any chance to claim for it.

At that time I thought: Is this possible? But… Fiverr warns you about everything … Yes, but it gives you the opportunity to object to an action done in a gig to the buyers, but for us the sellers it only warns us of a decision when this was already taken after the gig is more than delivered to the client.

I did a job for a client and I delivered it on time, she even gave me with 5 stars, everything okay up there. Almost a month and a half later, I found a mail from Fiverr notifying me of the cancellation of an order and the refund made to the client … As I was not working on any order at that time, I found it very strange and I began to research about the meaning of that…

In fact, it was the order that I had delivered satisfactorily for almost a month and a half … and in my balance … Surprise! There was less money, the amount I had earned for that precise job after the deduction of Fiverr’s commission was precisely the one that was now gone.

I wrote to Customer’s Support, they replied suuper fast, but only to tell me that that is allowed to buyers to avoid things related to fraud with credit cards and stuff, that they also lost the commission earned, that the financial department Informed that they no longer had the money, etc, etc, … Aha, and me? So without further ado, did I work for free? IT’S NOT FAIR!

That is to say, if for example a translator is almost left without eyelashes and stops sleeping because he’s translating a book for …let’s say, $ 300 (can be less or more) and 3-6 months later the client wants to have those $ 300 (Which are no longer theirs, but the translator’s) back … Does Fiverr take those away from the translator’s balance? And what about his work? That may even leave his balance in negative! Then the poor translator would have to work to get back to zero, pay Fiverr and once at zero, what he earns is now his … I insist: U-N-F-A-I-R !!!

That is like a person who buys a liter of milk or juice in a perfect condition, consumes it and then goes to the supermarket or store to request the return of his money without any valid justification 6 months later, and the establishment through which he Acquired the product takes away from the supplier of that drink the money he earned for it … Again: UNFAIR! I do not accept it!

My request to all who read this writing is: Please help me and help yourselves. Where one only claims his rights, he is never listened, but where there are many voices in a common agreement and simultaneously, History has proven time and time again that it does have results. It happened to that guy from which I read on Facebook, now to me … May tomorrow not happen to you, because you could even lose much more than I did.

I wrote again to technical support, not claiming what the client did to me, since it has no remedy, but simply demanding back what is mine and that was removed from me without any opportunity to even claim, just notifying me of the action already taken. I do not know if they will take it into account. But at the same time I told them to change that part of their policies, because then all the world-wide sellers subscribed in this platform will be always in that uncertainty, that some client does them that evil thing. For whatever reasons they do it: It is our work that we do with so much effort and affection, and THAT IS TO BE RESPECTED!

What we earn here we earn it with our effort, after much talk with the customer and accepting their orders for modifications, etc. etc. It should be up to ILLEGAL to take our profits off just like that.

Please, if you are able to make a space of your activities and take the time to write to Customer’s support to change these regulations, in advance I thank you. Again, if many of us express ourselves, they should listen to us. Sellers also have rights, not just the customers. Yes, Fiverr loses when a dishonest customer takes such action but I repeat: We lose even more.

Do not let it happen to you. If you want, do not respond to this letter, but please write a complaint to Customer’s support, or in the FAQ’s section (since for a claim you must have the order number on which it is claimed). If for the one who reads this message this thing has already happened to him, then he already knows the impotence it causes. I do not think we should sit idly by. There must be something that can be done about it on the part of Fiverr but … If we do not talk first, nothing will happen and more of us will experience this unpleasant situation.

If you have read this far, I thank you very much. Please think about it and act before it happens to you. And in advance have a happy weekend and many successes in your future gigs. Regards!


They won’t listen to you or anyone else, you know, and most of the people on this forum are too terrified to make a proper complaint as it might affect their income.

So, checkmate, us, really. You could try having a friend in NY HQ, that helps a lot. Nepotism and its friends are farfrom dead. But you probably don’t, so it’s best just to remember that life’s unfair before returning to cower under that rock that could topple and crush you to death anyway on a whim.

Right guys!


The old “buyer is always right” philosophy again. Just let it go, keep promoting your gigs and you get new orders. There’s always a downside.


It is a well known issue here on the forum and it stems mainly from the policy that Fiverr and Paypal has for disputed transactions.

As the members above me said, nothing can be said or done, it is a risk of doing business and unfortunately and ultimately it will be you decision whether you would like to continue this path or not.



Well, lt me tell you Fiverr did something more than just simple giving me excuses. Without being rude (I don’t need to be rude, and no one does), I presented a strong complaint to Customer’s support… they made an exception with me (as explicitely told in the message they sent me) and gave me the money back. Of course, I hope they also think in reviewing their policies and stop allowing this unpleasant things happen to other sellers, as it could affect them badly


Hi! Thanks so much for replying, (this is for everybody)… Well @article_profits, maybe they applied that philosophy to me, as they gave me what I wanted, and my balance is now in its right place. Hopefully, they will consider now or in the future providing safety measures for sellers too.


Hi @djgodknows!

Continuing the path paid off. They replied and made the adjustment I asked from them. They said in a message that they did an “one time exception with me”. And now my balance is like it should be, I already checked it. I’m so happy! Maybe things will change and be better for us sellers, maybe it is not a waste of time to talk to them (Fiverr’s CS).


The exception is one of the scripted messages. I get lots of exceptions too, because I know how to present my case. Ultimately, it really depends on who you get. The policy was reviewed and made more unfair, so be careful what you wish for in the current climate of changes…


Well congrats to you on winning this time! :slight_smile:




Yes, it must be terrible not to be able to read properly.