To all that advertise their gigs here... Does it work?


So many people post their gigs here for the community to see and purchase…
Does it actually work for you guys? Are the clients coming from the forum quality?


I have My Fiverr Gigs muted so no ads for me. I do think the forum works though. I’d be more likely to order, or tell my friends to order, from people on the forum who engage in conversation and so I can see that they’re capable. I’m certainly more likely to recommend ordering from a newbie or level 1 seller through their forum activity.

On the other hand, some people on the forum show that they’re not capable so it can also have a negative effect.


Well in my opinion, I guess not. For me, I am not likely going to buy from the one who post " I will do this, this and this" on Forum. Depends from individual to individual.


I have surfed through the ad category (My Fiverr Gigs) when looking for something to buy. I often don’t find the right match and end up going back to the main page or asking people I know for referrals. Every now and then I find a gem in MFG. Otherwise, I don’t read the posts there other than a skim for moderation.

I do get an occasional order from other sellers that I get to know on the forum. It’s not a lot and I sure wouldn’t base all my marketing and promotions off of the forum. I think meaningful conversation on the forum is more likely to snag an occasional order than an ad or just writing “Great post!”


Great post!!!


Thank you for your useful tips.


Dear Sir:

Please to help me make sales.

I’m a very poor man from a country where our Dear Leader say things are very bad and carnage coming to us all…

Looking forward to your top tips and tricks…


We all had those…


When I read a coherent and/or interesting post or comment I check out the persons profile and favorite any of the gigs that I think I may be interested in at some point. When I need something, I check my favorites first. I would say at least half of my purchases in value have been through people I first saw on the forum. When it comes to writers, I do not understand why anyone would not pick from the forum alone - especially now that it is so easy to click on people’s name and check everything they have written!

As was said above, if I know someone from the forum because they sound difficult, spam the place etc then I won’t use them.