To all the Artists out there, is it really worth it? (UK)


If you check my account i’ve been using fiverr for quite a while now, I got front paged a few months ago and the orders were constant, its started to cool down a little now but I still get orders every few days. Fiverr is a great place for people to earn extra money but i think it depends on the type of work you do, you have to admit that some people out there work much harder than others. *Dancing around in a suit for 2 minutes, while others spend hours doing arts/crafts. I don’t know about the other artists out there I like to take as much care as I can with my work and I can take several hours to complete my work around up to 6-8 hours over a few days, I originally was selling the full drawings for $35, after fiverr deductions its about $28 dollars, now if i change it to UK sterling its around £17 for 6-8 hours work, I could get that in 2 hours stacking shelves. Most of the time this isn’t just drawing, its designing also which takes another part of an artists skill. You also get alot of people wanting masterpieces for $5, I don’t know if any other artists feel the same but its kind of degrading and really lowers the spirit and drive to work. Somebody recently wanted me to do many images for a childrens book at $5 each and wanted full ownership for commercial use, I nearly had to throw water over my head to make sure I wasn’t having a nightmare, are some people that stingy that they don’t feel the need to pay people what they deserve? It almost seems like its a place for crafty people to prey on gullible people to do work for barely any money. At the beginning I thought it was a great idea and way to make money but its a great way to work hard for very little return. I’ll admit there is a small few out there who do appreciate peoples work enough to give them the credit they deserve, I’ve had a few and i’m eternally thankful, anyway I think my spirits been driven down to the point where I don’t feel like working on fiverr anymore. Some people will benefit from it others will make a few bucks and then realise its not really worth it. Only the people who can generate alot of orders and complete them relatively quickly (People dressing up, doing voices, dogs ringing bells) will ever benefit from this site. Sorry If anyone is offended by my rant but all of the artists out there who genuinely work hard having to design,draw,colour,create backgrounds,paint,correct errors,Master effects,lighting, do major changes that can take more hours to fit with the buyers needs, definitely does more work than the person who puts the wig on and sings happy birthday, sure its entertaining and probably a good present for some people, but it isn’t difficult in the slightest. I’ll be suspending my gig soon and throwing in the towel. Goodluck to anyone continuing to work here and if you’re an artist make sure you don’t sell yourself short!


If you Googled “sell illustrations” you could probably find more ways to make money.


For anyone that actually has to be creative with each and every Gig, It doesn’t take very long to discover that Fiverr is no way to earn a living.


I agree with Ricksper.

As an artist on Fiverr where you have to be creative for each order might not be worth your time. It works for me because I simplify what I offer on Fiverr, some of my orders still requires that I go beyond the delivery times just to so I can deliver high quality results for my clients.

So you either simplify your gig so it’s more manageable or don’t waste your time, our job as an artist is not easy so invest your creativity and energy wisely.


I agree with you. I’m a former artist on Fiverr too, I came here just to make some pocket money. But now I quit and that was due to people seem to ignore my gigs and go for the ones that offer more and also Fiverr randomly demanding changes to my gig when there’s nothing need changing.

I manage to earn £95 from one client on another site. Which is way better than earning $5 for each order. I now charge more for my service since my skills are better so I didn’t have to bother with Fiverr anymore.

But I still kept this account for buying stuff.


It’s funny how Fiverr can rake people over the coals by saying something is against Terms and yet @drawforever, you’re using your profile to 100% advertise your work elsewhere, and trash talk Fiverr and they let you do it. This place is disgusting!


P.S. I wasn’t saying you’re disgusting @drawforever - just how insanely bad Fiverr actually is.


Reply to @itsyourthing:

It’s about time I’m qualify as a black sheep anyway. (I have nothing against you anyway)

I didn’t ask anyone nor constantly posting in the forum for the intention for people to look at my profile. That info was for my former client. But Fiverr can have that client anyway. I also highly doubt that person might be coming back. (But I posted that info in case that client did come back and want my service again). I won’t post that info anymore seeing it’s going to be taken down anyway. I’ll just go and find my own client.

I suppose echoing what other people are experiencing is considered “trash talk” in your definition. (But it’s funny that you said Fiverr is “disgusting”. Or do you mean the forums?) And as for comparing the amount I made from other site with Fiverr. Yeah, I didn’t mean to put that.

I’m not trying to be mean or bash Fiverr (Otherwise why on earth would I keep my account for buying and recommend outside people to buy from Fiverr sellers?).

But I guess I worded my post badly that it sound like it. I seen what other sites have become and I certainly don’t want Fiverr to become that kind of site. I have send tweets to Fiverr before to look into that problem that others are facing but apparently nothing has change


You really have to decide if what you’re selling is worth the $4 you receive. If your work is worth more, then you have to charge more!

kjblynx said: nor the funds to do that

$20 million in funding (past two years). Plus 20% commission on EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION.


The first rule in properly running a business is to know your limits and expand intelligently. I honestly think their plan is sudden (unstable) growth to build number and then sell off to the highest bidder.

I surely may be wrong, but the point is, even with the NUMEROUS flaws the money is still rolling in, so it doesn’t really matter if or where they are spending it. :slight_smile:


At first, I thought $4 was an okay amount, since that kind of money converts to a lot in my country’s currency… but after a while I realized I was doing too much for too little, due to the fact that I use copic markers in my work, which I kid you not, costs $84 for a mere pack of 12 markers :frowning:

with the current budget i’ve set myself on, there’s no way i’ll get them replaced if they ever run out.

To top that all off, I really polish each of my gigs down to every detail, so a simple-looking drawing can take me a long time.

Now that i’m allowed to add extras, i’m thinking of charging more for coloring and detailed backgrounds, but i’m scared that would scare off my returning buyers and make them think i’m greedy and stuff. Even my friends and family think I should definitely charge more, but oh well…


Reply to @ricksper: Sorry but I have to disagree here. I live in the UK and I work full time on Fiverr. I work part time hours, for a full time wage. But you have to take a lot of other things into account here;

  1. You’re doing something you enjoy and love (that must beat stacking shelves!)
  2. You save money on things like transportation to work
  3. You choose when you want to work (no more 6 days a week or working holidays woo hoo!)
  4. You decide what to sell and for how much (you are your own boss)

    Fiverr’s loved by so many people and these are probably the top 4 reasons why, without even mentioning an income. But you’re right, we all still have to pay our bills.

    As you’re a fellow UK seller, I recommend keeping an eye on the exchange rate, sometimes it’s worth waiting before you withdraw money.

    If you find yourself spending too much time on a Gig, try and simplify what you can offer for $5. You have your gigs suspended so I can’t comment but perhaps you could offer a basic sketch for $5, detailed drawing for $10, coloured drawing for $20, post them the drawing for $20 etc.

    You can also get involved with seasonal Gigs! Fiverr loves creative sellers so this is a great way to get noticed by them and you may even get your Gig featured or put on the front page!

    Don’t be afraid to try new things, perhaps create some new Gigs, re-vamp your old ones, change your Gig Extras. Another great thing about Fiverr is that it doesn’t cost you any money to research this and find out what works best for you :slight_smile:

    Lastly, make sure you put up a Tip Gig too! If people feel your work is wonderful it’s likely they will tip you :slight_smile:


Reply to @kymmypops: Quick question on your “Geek Girl” gig - you have proofread and edit your script as an extra. Does that mean if they don’t buy the gig extra and their script has spelling and grammatical errors you read/record it verbatim. I’m imagining something like jacksfilms, “Your Grammar Sucks” on YouTube. :slight_smile:


Reply to @itsyourthing: Spelling wouldn’t make a difference, although I think it’s good manners to order the Gig Extra if I it means I have to spend time editing and re-writing the whole script, something along the lines of “welcum, 2 our bizness, we give u, *gr8 produks, gd prices”. It’s still readable, but awful lol…

If there are a couple of mistakes, I would naturally correct these :slight_smile: It’s there because in the past I have re-written and edited scripts because the English just didn’t make any sense. But have been told off later by the buyer and even been told to re-film with the script they provided! So I don’t bother so much now and if people want it edited, they order the Extra :slight_smile:


Reply to @kjblynx: I believe they have more funds than they need. Seriously.


You’re too right. For me, living in smaller country, I make more than you do (meaning we have lower wage) so it’s more worth it, but these people who give you 5 dollars (4) and think you’ll do a perfect full-colour realistic picture with background… wtf?

As I’m a student, I’ll finish my current orders and rise prices again. I started with “we’ll make a deal about price”, but some people were real a**holes about it, so I’ll try to go with settled pricelist and everything additional will cost more. It seems to be the only way to don’t loose my mind here. :smiley: I still need any sort of extra money and I don’t pay for my living, so I’ll stay as long as I can, but it may really change in the future.


As a musician I have tailored my gigs by time (of the finished piece) and I generally know how long it will take overall to achieve that. Of course you have to be creative every time which is partly why I have quite a long deadline so if I have an ‘off’ day it’s not impacting gigs. As what I offer I am pretty good at and can often do in 1 take (or each stage in 1 take) the calculated hourly rate really isn’t too bad at all. I’d never spend hours working on a single $4 gig, that’s just crazy!