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To all the music sellers out there - how do you operate?


As a seller in the music/audio category, I’m curious as to how the rest of my freelance music lovers go about their work? I’ve seen some crazy gigs out here on Fiverr, for example, some offering an entire song to be made for just $5! How in the world do you justify writing an entire piece of music for that price? I took my composing gigs off of my profile for the time being, until I can figure out a better pricing model. Maybe I just work slow… but to write an entire song, I was charging more than any buyer was willing to spend.

So, just curious as to how you go about your writing methods :slight_smile: Thanks!


They are facing competition here so they have to do that.


I have had a commercial studio for 20 years. I don’t have any creative music gigs on Fiverr. I have other gigs that use the same skills but are marketed to business related fields. It doesn’t matter how much time you put in the gig or what the quality is. All that matters is the perceived value to the customer. for us, if the perceived value is higher than the cost, then it is a gig worth pursuing.

The heart of the problem is that many creative music endeavors will not generate much income. Even though we are getting paid upfront, the money has to come from somewhere. The client, investor or record company in the end is only going to invest the money out of pocket for so long.