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To be top rated seller


Hello good people!

So I think after complete 100 orders its need to be earned 20k for being top rated seller. Its also important to earn that amount ? or there will be consideration for 100 orders and other requirement fulfill.



It’s a requirement, not a suggestion.

You actually need to make that amount.

But you need to understand that even if you meet all the requirements you may still get picked.


so its not much important to earn that amount isn’t it?


No it’s not important unless you want to be eligible for the TRS level.


I want to be but what I mean its not easy to get that large amount within short time.


There’s no time limit/window in which you are required to earn that amount.

Whenever you meet that requirement, you will be eligible.

It’s an all-time earnings requirement. But you are not required to do so in a specific amount of time.


Okay much clear to me now. Thank you :slight_smile: