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To Credit or Not To Credit (Do You Want Credit for Your Work?) ☺☹

Lately, 5r has been removing gigs that they deem as not appropriate for this site such as paid reviews and homework.

There are pro and anti arguments for both.

When I hire someone, on and off 5r, to:

  • Article Write
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Ebook Cover
  • Book blurbs
  • Biography
  • Translators, etc

I hire them with every intention of either using it for my blog, web page or the next ebook. I’ve even hired ghostwriters to help me with a chapter or two when I’m having writers block.

Some writers and assistants do such great job, I may even copy/paste it without changing a word.

Factually speaking, every single one of these sellers know there is a great chance I’ll be making or want to make profit.

So, do you think I should be crediting everyone?

I did pay them, review them, in some cases tipped them and they accepted. In my mind, at that point, it’s mine to do as I wish, regardless of what 5r Tos says.

Is it ethical for me to claim I did the work, when someone else wrote it? Am I cheating?

Thought? I’m just curious what everyone thinks?


Oh God, this is what I feared. When you start banning services left and right, even writing articles for others will become somehow illegal. No Gina, you don’t have to credit anyone, just focus on making profits, don’t worry about anything else.


Nah that is the purpose of ghost writing. Sellers who sell ghost writing gigs already know they aren’t going to be credited so I think it should be fine with you as well.


In my opinion you can say this is mine,as you have paid and commercially that is yours.
Or you can say my coworker did this.


I have it in my FAQ somewhere that of course it´s nice to be credited, but that it´s completely up to the customer. I think it depends a bit on what kind of work and what kind of setting.

It would make sense in a way to for example credit a translator who translated a book, especially fiction, poems and the like, and usually is done in ‘traditional publishing’. However, personally, I regard ‘the new kind of publishing’, especially self-publishing, as a different kind of beast, and so many authors don´t use their ‘real life’ name but a pen name too, there is no publishing house or legal department or complicated contracts, etc. so, well.

I don´t think it would make sense if someone credited me for having translated their website, amazon shop, some advertising material for their software, blog etc.

And I don´t expect it in either case, the customer pays for my service, what they do with my work then is their own business.

In short, anyone I work for is free to put ‘translated by Mila, find her on’ or something :wink: in the credits, if they feel like it, but I can live without it perfectly well. :slight_smile:


Ones you’ve paid for the article, the article is yours to do whatever you want with it. If you give credit that’s nice of you but it’s not at all compulsory since you own the rights.

I do video editing but I never expect the videos that I edit for YouTube or any other platforms to be credited on my name.

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Whether it’s writing or logo or video/motion design… if you don’t want others to find out that specific thing of yours wasn’t actually made by you, that’s your problem. If you have one with it. If you need to keep that secret. Personally, I would not want to have and sell something I am unable to do myself.

Do I want credit? On here, nope. I have one gig that tends to elicit the question, but I don’t care. What I sell here is yours.

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I didn’t create my profile logo, someone else did. He didn’t ask me to and I wasn’t going to write a tiny disclaimer below it saying, logo designed by ________.

I dunno, I think 5r is going overboard with removing too many legitimate gigs.

Writing research paper or anything that will be graded, or used to get accepted into a University, is unethical and should be banned.

Not all homework are created equal. When I was in college, my science classes, physics/chemistry, were held in an auditorium. The professor, never graded or collected homework. In my university, less than half undergraduate collected homework.

We would get together in the science study room and hire a graduate student to help us with the homework, paid him/her about $20 for an hour. (That was a lot of money for them and us).

The answer didn’t matter as much as the process or the steps to get to that answer.

How is it unethical for some smart engineering or science graduate to earn a few cash by helping fellow undergraduate on homework that is not graded, collected, or even looked at? It’s equal to hiring a Tudor. These students are more interested in the step by step to get to the answer.

I think doing research, for a graded paper for a college student, is more unethical than helping with upgraded homework. :expressionless::neutral_face:

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I agree with you. I was really going to purchase a mathematics tutor gig for my test. What if they ban tutor gigs with homework gigs? I’ll be sad if they ban tutor gigs considering them as homework gigs.

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I typically hired people on 5r to do things to make my life easier or can’t do myself.

I don’t have the talent to create a book cover if my life depended on it. I sell ebooks with book cover I can’t do myself. There are people who disagree with me and say that I should create my own cover.

There are SME that say I should do my own editing.

I prefer to have someone else do it.

I don’t know if that’s what you meant by,

I’m terrible at proofing my own work and not artistically talented.

I don’t think it’s necessary to give credit at all. I’m a ghostwriter and I never expect to get any credit. That’s what the money is for! :slight_smile: lol I’m offering a service that others either can’t or don’t have the time to do themselves. I’m not worried about credit. If other people didn’t need help with writing I wouldn’t be able to make a full-time living doing what I love everyday. That’s more than enough of a reward for me :slight_smile:


[details=on tutoring]I think either same as with Amazon with the paid reviews back then, some schools, colleges, unis complained to Fiverr and they needed to do something, or they went through gigs or saw some flagged that pretty openly were about doing homework/academic work for someone, like doing their whole work instead of them, the purpose of this is to weed out those gigs, not all and any kind of tutoring, some innocent people/gigs having been caught in the cross-fire, but if I read most related threads right, quite a few got their gigs reinstated.
There´s no good reason to forbid real tutoring. The only thing IMO that should be different is that it shouldn´t just be people with money who can afford tutoring for their children, but that the state should provide enough of it via the schools at least for kids.[/details]


hmm schools should provide good education.


Well, my opinion is little bit different here - about ethic. I believe that it’s totally okey for you to make profits with what you bought, also you don’t need to credit anyone, BUT I think it’s not ethical to credit yourself as the writter of this article, because you do own this article now, but author is still only the person who wrote it. :slight_smile:

That is just my little opinion :slight_smile:


I respect your opinion on this and understand where you are coming from.

Do you think it’s ethical for the seller to accept money, tip and a review, then demand credit for the work as well?

What about ghostwriters. They are sort if an article writer. They write for someone else. Should the author state on his book, This was written by Matevzs1 and give you full credit?

If you get credit for writing anything, shouldn’t you get all the profits? Who would want to hire an article writer or a ghostwriter?

Nonsense (20 characters)

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If those gigs you are purchasing offers “commercial uses right” there is no reason to credit the sellers. :grin:
End of the story! :wink:


I guess I don’t understand why, if you want to write a book climb Mt. Everest, you pay someone else to do it for you. I mean, along the way, hire all the sherpas you need but don’t YOU want to stand on the top? Have that thing achieved?


hmm, this is very interesting topic. :slight_smile:
Well, I don’t think it’s ethical at all for seller to demand credit. :wink: (except if it was clearly stated in description)
If I design poster for let’s say “Jack”, he can use it anywhere in any form he wants, without mentioning me anywhere, because he bought it and it belongs to him now. But if “Hector” asks him if he designed that, I don’t think it’s ethical for “Jack” to say that he did (again, he don’t need to tell him who did).

Also if “Jack” payed $10 to me for this poster and then he sell it with 10 other posters to “Elizabeth” for $10000, I don’t have anything to do with that, I do not deserve any profits. (in other words, if you buy 10 articles and put them in a book, then sell that book, authors can’t claim profits for their part of the book - again it’s only my opinion)

I’m not that much familiar with ghost writers, so I don’t know what is common practice, but this is my overall opinion about any author work. So if you buy it, you can do anything you want with it, you don’t need to credit anyone (if not agreed differently), but you can’t claim, that you created/wrote it. :slight_smile:

Any nominal link with Pirates of the Carribean is purely coincidental :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t frighten @writer99025!:cold_sweat: