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To Credit or Not To Credit (Do You Want Credit for Your Work?) ☺☹


You pay = you own.

Unless otherwise stated.


Got it!

Stop hiring illustrators, virtual assistants, article writers, ghostwriters and research assistants! :grinning:

Edit: Just kidding.

Ethically, If the article writer wants portion of the profit and credit in the book or blog, then they shouldn’t accept money or review from me. That equals to double compensation. IMO.


The only things they’re banning are homework/review gigs because they go against university/company policy and Fiverr doesn’t want to get in trouble.

I ghost edit and write for people all the time. The practice is older than I am, and I see nothing wrong with it :slight_smile:


On 5r, as with many other freelancing platforms these days, anonymity is the main plus for both customers and sellers.

If I insisted on giving someone credit, they would have to disclose their real name. There is an editing site that I work with where the company handles everything and I only know them by numbers.

Most people enjoy being a “ghost” therefore it’s not always feasible.

I hire sellers, article writers and ghostwriters, when I have writers block or to research for me. People like you are very useful for people like me. You get me thinking, give me ideas and get me in the right direction. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


can you explain ghost writing??


You are replying 2 years later!

A simple search on Google will give you the answer to your question.

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