“To date, I have so far earned $40,412…”


Interview with FVCHAMP seo assistant for Fragglesrock

So what exactly are you selling ?

I provide basic seo services like bookmarking, article and video submission. I used to have lots of gigs like selling ebooks, twitter services but its too tiring having many gigs to attend to so i just focused on these 3 gigs which i enjoy doing.

How long have you been on Fiverr? And how long did it take before you make first dollars?

I joined Fiverr in July 2010 and it took me only 24hrs to make my first sale.

The rest of interview and many more can find on Fragglesrock




New interview on website added now ;-).


I earn some rightnow, enough to buy things I want like tablet or smartphone every month, think I can earn some serious amount after get to level two (very soon).

Maybe I will try to see if customer willing to pay more or wait longer, too many order coming everyday, I may serious drop the quality or disable my gig, they don’t have an auto stop function when a massive amount of queue stack up :frowning:


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wow, you are talented artist foggyflute ;-). I just look at your gig, that´s great a lot order in first month. Try more days, maybe 15 instead of 10, if you have this problem. Or you can contact Fiverr about auto stop function ;-).


great success stories in there.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

I hope one day I can become a Top rated seller too


I already suggest autostop function, hope they can make it in a few month.

But not got my hope high, the system is still buggy with basic function right now…


hmm. “Joined Fiverr 3 months ago” but you said you joined 2 years ago? :open_mouth:


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Hello designhero, I am only moderator of Fragglesrock where I am sharing interviews with top rated sellers, this is not about me ;-). Is it clear? :slight_smile:


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I think it´s matter of time.


I am just trying to help people, but ok ;-).




I like your gig foggyflute I’m gonna put it on fiverrtastic. :slight_smile: