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To Day I Completed another order 30$. Everyone will pray for me

Buyer Requirements

I would like to get a high quality photorealistic 3D rendering of my bedroom. I have already done the entire 3D modelling on Sketchup Pro 2019, with exact dimensions and proportions, I just want the materials, textures and lights to be included in a photorealistic 3D rendering. I have attached the Sketchup Pro 2019 file, which included the 3D Model of my Bedroom and have also attached the Materials and Textures PDF file, which includes all the Materials and Textures which are going to be included, with instructions on what and how things should be done. Waiting for Your response.


Why are you sharing her BR here?

Good luck on the order, but there is no need to share her BR if all is clear.

Congratulations on getting your first order. Now deliver it with high quality. Win the heart of your client with your service.

Congratulations :heart_eyes: