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To deliver too early

I got an order and the buyer allowed me 5 days to complete the task. The work was not too much and I have done it in just a few hours. Now should I deliver the work or it will be too early?


The “classic” thing to do is to delivery a day or two after you’re over when you have a lot of time, but I see nothing wrong in delivering early. You choose.

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Will it make a good impact if I will deliver too early?

Personally, I think that delivering way earlier (even when done) could potentially set the buyer’s expectations too high and create an expectation that I’ll always deliver early, which can be dangerous.

For example, if I have an order with 4-day delivery, but I finish it on the day it was ordered, I’ll still wait a couple of days. The only time I deliver more than 2 days early is if the delivery time was over 1 week (I’ll deliver a 14-day order 5 days early).


Yes that’s what I need to hear. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Great advice. I would also add that some buyers might be suspicious and think the work has been rushed and not done to the best standard if it is delivered too soon.


May be it will bring good thing for you. your buyer like your fast delivery. That can bring you more order in future from the same buyer if he is satisfy by your work delivery speed as well as work quality.

So i think you should deliver it.

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