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To do list and fiverr app issues


So for some reason when I’m using the fiverr app it keeps saying I’m not connected to the Internet when I am. I am in the same room as my router, and when I tried to let fiverr know about it said verify you are human, but there was nothing there. I tried requesting a new set of words, an image, sound, and still nothing.

Also I’ve posted my gig, edited my profile, and set a security question, but they are still on my to do list. So I don’t even know if people can see my gigs. I don’t own a computer I’m using my iPhone 6


I have seen your profile there is one gig that is activated on your profile…
And i am also using same mobile but here is no problem with me that are you saying…
I will said that it is awesome app i can keep touch with my business anywhere…
Thanks fiverr for this outstanding application