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To Do list Bugs

For the past couple days my to do list has been acting strange, however today it got even weirder as jobs listed by buyers with one particular name, show up on my to do list as jobs by sellers who are either on vacation/non existent (i searched the names).
Eg. If bobbylou orders from me, when the job comes to my to do list it shows up as jokerpants111(made up names to draw the point), but when i open the order, it shows up as bobbylou. :confused:

Am I the only one dealing with this?

Also, a ridiculous seller inboxed me a custom gig offer and i declined and rebuffed her. However on my to do list at the bottom, the “You have received a gig offer” notification remains and refuses to go!

Ugh I hope Fiverr works out these bugs, and in future alerts buyers and sellers as to the new changes they decide to do.
Every time they upgrade these bugs get crazier!

I am facing exactly same problem. TO DO list is having some problem, specially with usernames.

Man I really thought it was just me. I do hope they sort these bugs out. I’m seeing it’s even affecting Sellers’ withdrawals. :confused:

I too have wrong usernames. It’s sort of confusing when my notes don’t match ha ha!

I just recently (as in an hour ago) requested for my to do list to be updated in order to get rid of a gig offer–since they can only be deleted by Fiverr CS as far as I can tell. That worked. Only wasted 5 minutes, again! I have to do this once a week, btw.

Now my to-do list, which had all different buyers on it, is made of one buyer, who doesn’t appear to exist.

I’ve fired another message to CS, but I fully expect another “we’ll get out team to look at it”. Yeah, your team is like the dinosaurs, dude.


/rant. It’s Saturday. I have better things to do than this.

Also the new forum sucks on mobile. Hasn’t anyone noticed that you can only access the “tips” sections with seemingly no accessibility to the other fora? Shambolic, even if there’s some added functionality in other areas. What’s my 20% even being used for apart from champagne and video parties at NY HQ?

I’m having the same issue. On my TODO page the username listed is XXXXXX but when I click the order on the TODO page, the ORDER PAGE username is not the same. I wonder how many others this is happening to but they have not noticed.

I dislike the new forum layout as well.

Three weeks now, very little support and I’m getting a ton of pissed off clients. They are sending messages that are not getting through, or they do not get my reply back. The Fiverr notification bar shows a reply, but it never actually shows on the order. Waited over 10 days for a support reply. Then all they really did was mark the support ticket “solved” and stated “I’ve escalated this ticket over to our Marketplace Support Team for you.” and it was never fixed.

If the missing replies were not bad enough, starting 2 days ago the buyer user names are incorrect on the orders. It says I have orders from people that never actually ordered!

When I click the order the buyer name changes to someone else entirely. I don’t know for sure if I’m even getting credit for the sales! I hope we are all actually going to get paid by Fiverr for the work done at this point. For all we know our revenue is just as messed up!

They can’t even keep the buyer user names straight now and we are all supposed to trust them with our money while in suspense for 10+ days too?

Getting bad here…real bad.

Looks like the file attachment on the forum does not work either. Ugh! maybe a link will.

if you will ever see this, that link will be gone by tomorrow. But I saw it. Yup, your ticket was solved, not any issue.


P.S. I have experimented and you can do attachments, but only if you start a post. Forget about doing it anywhere else.Even if you are a post starter, you can’t do it in reply posts. It’s a mess.

Same issue. I think Fiverr is aware of this issue, hopefully we’ll see a fix soon