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To Do List Complete your profile!

I Has 1 To do: “Your user profile is incomplete. Please edit it” but i completed all the info! and it still showing, what should i do ?

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Same problem

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Mine says that too, and it’s because my FB account isn’t connected. But when I try to connect, there’s some kind of error

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Yes! I’m experiencing the same problem. I tried filling out my profile info again but it still doesn’t complete.

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Same for me. I have completed it to 100% and still nothing. Yesterday it kept deleting my description. So far it has stayed but my account is still “not complete” according to the todo list. Help!

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Me also facing same problem… :frowning:

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I use Chrome and I am getting the same issue :frowning:

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To try and clear your To Do list, click on the gear icon and select “Flush completed tasks”. This should clear tasks that you’ve finished.

If this doesn’t work, please get in touch with our support team.

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Same here. I’ve tried it on Chrome & Firefox - clearing cache, history, cookies and all with no luck! It’s somewhat irritating :frowning:

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I have the same problem. Clearing the cache in Firefox did not help. In Chromium, the todo item is still showing.

Any updates on this one. If it doesn’t make a difference then i guess its just an annoyance.

It’s Solved by changing my Profile Picture LOL!!!

same problem with profile text not being accepted. I just joined fiverr. I put in text in the profile box, and then it tells me I must have between 150 and 200 words (or something like that). I have no profile photo uploaded. That’s the problem? is this a website bug? I’m on safari/Mac. Not a great intro to your site, Fiverr!

For new users: Update your profile (fill in the 150 words) FIRST and THEN change your profile pic. This somehow “updates” the profile officially.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Tried everything suggested in here and nothing’s working for me. At first, it was only a little annoying but it’s been going on for quite awhile now and hasn’t been fixed. I’m finding it a bit ridiculous and obnoxious.

First complete your profile (make sure to enter the translated texts too use the google translator) and then link both FB and Google profiles, and then delete cookies, cache of your browser and relogin

and then “flush completed tasks” and change the profile pic and hit on Save change it will solve the issue.

Reply to @sashachannel: Changing the profile pic worked. Thanks!

simply complete your profile description and change your profile picture. your problem will surely solved.

Reply to @sashachannel: Thank you, your suggestion worked: emptied the profile text + save changes, reinserted the same text + save changes, and then reloaded the same picture + save changes.

if you already upload your profile pic and about u (fill 150-300) , Try upload ur profile pic again … mine it works :)>-