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The “To-Do” list currently has an icon of a “file box” next each order. This file box serves no purpose whatsoever. Why not use that space in a way that is beneficial? The To-Do list is our go-to list all throughout the day, it’s our primary info page. So let’s have it be helpful! :slight_smile:

  1. Remove the non-useful file box icon and add a star (or flag) icon and a pencil icon. This way, if we need to flag or star an order so it stands out to us, we simply click that icon and the empty icon now is in color and that order now stands out from the other orders.

  2. Next to the flag or star mentioned above add a “pencil” icon. This would represent to us that the buyer has updated their order with something new. In many cases we need to respond to what buyers post on their order page, but their updates can get lost in the sea of pages and orders and buyer messages. Putting a pencil icon here that is blank when there is nothing new on the order from the buyer, and then in color (filled in) when the buyer posts info or a question on the order, would be an instant visual cue that we need to check their order page.

  3. Let us change the setting on our To-Do page to show more than 10 orders on the page. If we don’t want to click “Load More” over and over every time we’re there this would be a time saver just having ALL of our orders in front of us at once. And for folks who don’t want that, they can set their view settings to only view 10.

    What do you all think?


What I’d really like would be more information about the order to be displayed in the to-do list. Even just the total price of the order or which gig was ordered would be more helpful than a line that says “You need to deliver your order.” Yeah, I’m aware of that Fiverr. Or the ability to leave ourselves a note on that line, instead of “You need to deliver your order” would be great. I’d be able to put a note in about promised delivery dates or special requests and the like.

People who didn’t want to use the feature could just leave it alone, but being able to edit what the line says would be really useful to me.

emasonwrites that’s brilliant! Love it…now we’re thinking. I agree, How great to be able to leave ourselves a note on that line. The “you need to deliver your order” does nothing for us. I’d love to be able to put notes there, special request info, etc. That’s the struggle I have, I do help with special requests when possible and there’s just no way to notate that on our main page…our To-Do list! Maybe Fiverr doesn’t realize that’s our main page, our go-to page, a VERY important and (potentially) useful page.

I agree, would be great to see total price paid there as well. I’m not sure why the ToDo page lacks so much useful info. Hoping they can help make this better for sellers, which of course, helps our buyers! :slight_smile:

I agree with all the above and feel the page in general is not utilizing space well enough. In addition to the above mentioned things, I would like to see the timer next to each also.

Oh my gosh, alysmcdonough, of course!!! FAB idea. That would be SO helpful!!

Reply to @emasonwrites: I would love that as well. Great suggestion :slight_smile: