To Do Tab


What is going on with the “To Do” Tab these days ? Showing old delivered orders as new ones, does not update and just grinding my gears… C’mon fiverr I pay you a buck for my every order, at least I could get a proper working tool for that.


My To Do tab has been stuck a little this morning too. I had to refresh my browser to get it to right itself.


Mine still has 2 gigs that were supposed to be delivered… from over 1 year ago. LOL

And no. They’re not showing as late either. Ha ha.


You can contact Customer Support to have those removed if it has been a reeeeeeeeally long time.


It doesn’t bother me… yet. I still switch back to the old Fiverr all the time. So much easier for me. But the glitch gig isn’t there.

But, the 9th is coming fast I guess…