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To enable withdrawals in this account, please contact our support here. Thanks


When I clicked on the paypal button for withdraw the the message appears. Do you kindly give any idea about that?


Reply to @aeiou280: everyone in CS can help you, just wait and give them the time to face all the tickets they receiveā€¦

What you can do is write a follow-up on the same ticket (do not open a new one!!)


I am facing the same problem, have emailed Fiverr support guys 2 days back but havent got any reply from them.


So, how you solved the problem? @aeiou280


Reply to @kjblynx: Yes I have contacted the support 4 days back and they havent replied as of now. What is use of money when it isnt available when you need it. Do you know anyone in support who can address this issue,


Reply to @mark74: Thanks for replying, I submitted the ticket on Saturday and created a follow up yesterday, but still no answer, I have attached screenshot as well.

I need funds but its nt helping


Reply to @aeiou280: sorry but here on forum we are all regular users, just like you, and we cannot help you with that.

You have our supportā€¦ but only CS can help you with this :frowning:


Reply to @mark74: I understand Mark, I hope they reply soon :slight_smile: