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To everyone doubting themselves or what Fiverr's ceiling is

Hey everyone!

I just wrapped up an animated video this past week.

It required great effort on my part and dealing with a large company is quite the task itself.

Which is why I haven’t been as active as I’d like on the forum.

But now the video has been delivered, the order has been completed and I just wanted to take a second to allow myself to feel proud for something I’ve made, before rushing off to write the next Statement of Work document for my upcoming projects.

I’m not that active on social media, so I thought this community right here is the perfect place to share what I’ve made.

I’m very pleased with how it turned out, but the thing I am most proud of is how a company like Microsoft is a returning client of mine. :slight_smile:

This is the 4th time they hired me to produce a series of explainers for them and even though they don’t reach out often, they do contact me whenever they need a new video made.

OK so my introverted self is going to implode as he considers all of the above as bragging, which is not what this post is about.

I just wanted to share my story, because I see more and more people on the forum that are conditioned to believe that Fiverr is not the place to make a lot of money, charge high prices or serve high-end clientele.

If someone told me back when I started, that my time and skillset would someday be worth 5 figures, and that I would work with teams from Microsoft, Apple and Burlington to name a few, I would probably dismiss them and carry on with the 10th revision request on a $5 order.

But as I am growing along with Fiverr, I keep finding out that the ceiling is much higher than what my limiting beliefs will have me think.

So this is me, celebrating a cool little video I made, for a company that I admired as a kid.

I’m not going to say: “If I can do it, so can you!” because that would mean I am dismissing a lot of things that contributed to my journey thus far. (luck, privilege, timing, skills, and so on…)

But I am going to say this:

Maybe great things can happen to you on Fiverr in the future, even though it may seem impossible or too hard right now.

Thank you!


Very talented animator, i am not surprised the big tech companies are working with you. Keep up the great work Frank!


Thank you @andrewcarpen756 for your kind words.

Much appreciated.

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Damn, having Microsoft as client in the portfolio is quite impressive! And so is the actual animation. Love the transitions! Great work, Frank!


Thank you @raghnalltuathai !

I appreciate this coming from a fellow animator!


Wow. My full time job is an basically illustrator for an explainer video. So I know how much time, dedication it requires. Your works are really at professional level. No wonder even Microsoft hired you. :star_struck:


You’re an inspiration Frank!

I’ve recently been encouraged by my success manager to consider going to pro on the platform but I’m still a bit nervous about how many orders I’d get so I’m holding off until my work outside of the platform builds up more.
I want to be charging real fees for VO work and not the peanuts I charge now (even though I’m apparently in the higher end price range here). You’ve shown many times that this is a platform that attracts serious players and not just bargain basement buyers.



Thank you @gongor32!

To be honest, designing is my least favorite part of the job.

For me it goes Designing, script writing, animating.
(worse to best)

Why don’t you create a gig strictly catering to animators?

I would be your #1 client.

(And subsequently Microsoft. :wink: )


Wawo Great work much Appreciated :blush:

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You are an excellent example of someone who can clearly demonstrate that they know what they are talking about.

All of your stories offer actual help and inspiration to others and add much needed value to the forum.

Many congratulations! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @leannelrivers!
Comments like yours is why I try to share my journey here on the forum.

You should listen to your SM.

You are limiting yourself, because you are afraid of what may come.
Embrace it, learn what you are truly afraid of and why.

Then, just take the plunge. It’s going to change everything for you.

If anything, you owe it to all your fellow sellers who would kill for a chance to be able to switch to Pro status.


You’re right, Frank, it’s only fear of not making enough money holding me back, but time and time again life has proved to me that it loves you when you leap! I have my next meeting in a few days so I’m going to talk it through seriously and probably take the plunge.

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What you want, is most probably on the opposite side of fear.

So go for it. Kick its ass.

@lloydsolutions thank you so much!

I admire you, your patience and all of the effort you put in here on the forum.


Woooah! Congrats @frank_d on your continued success!
And thank you for encouraging all of us!


Excellent!! :star: struck: Thanks Fiverr for bring this talent here :grin:

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You got me an great idea :slight_smile: As an animator do you prefer animation ready assets or a just design ? Since usually animator had to redraw for their setup, rigging, plugin etc…

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Well this is a great conversation to be had.

Yes, it does depend on what the animator’s tools are, but that’s something you can figure out with some research.

99% of the time, I am happy with illustrator files, with grouped, and clearly labeled layers.


Very cool. It’s encouraging to hear the money aspect of course- but it’s also so great to be doing something so rewarding :+1::blush:


I’m gonna hold on to this.

Thank you Frank.


Congratulations Frank!

In the past, I’ve done only a few animations as a hobby with a duration, a couple of seconds. I can only imagine how much effort and patience you’ve put into this great explainer video. It’s really engaging and there is a lot in there. Great work of your voiceover partner as well.

When I myself receive an interesting project I am really enthusiastic about it. Also, there is a pleasing feeling of receiving projects from important companies or seeing that your client is really satisfied with your work. It just feels so right and peaceful for your mind and gives you the motivation to keep doing what you do.

Again, great animation!