To face or not to face?


I’m unsure if this is the correct category for this, but I thought it was closer than ‘other’ and thought a discussion could be of benefit to new (and perhaps less-new) sellers.

There appears to be somewhat of a split on whether to use a picture of yourself for your profile, probably coming down in favour of yes. It can look professional, it shows openness and builds trust with the customer - I understand all of these points. But what of the adverse?

You can see from my picture that I prefer to use an example of my work - it might draw someone in, thinking ‘what is that?’ and, in my opinion, can give a more professional look than a photo of myself looking awkward (Of course, how well-done the photo is makes a huge difference). On that note, a well-designed logo probably looks even more professional, especially if it encapsulates your field, but I was thinking to keep this simple as a discussion on ‘profile pictures - face or no face?’… what are peoples thoughts on the benefits and drawbacks of each option?


I like seeing a seller’s face. I feel much more confident dealing with somebody when I can see them.

It’s probably a subconscious thing.


You’ve got a logo for an avatar. :wink:


Haha, I knew somebody would pull me up on that. I intend to upload a photo soon!


For someone to see your profile picture and think “what is that” isn’t what you want people to think.


I was listening to the Fiverr podcast last night. One of the guys on there said customers started treating him better after he uploaded photos and a video of himself. He theorized it was probably because they were reminded a real human being was behind the profile.

Being treated better may be another benefit of showing yourself; however, I’m new here, so can’t confirm that!


I’ve had people on the forums think that I’m using someone else’s picture just because I’m female. Go figure…


Hehe, that was a badly worded was of saying ‘that looks interesting’ - is the idea at least, but I get your point :slight_smile:


It would be interesting if someone, somewhere did an actual analytical study on it - a Master’s thesis or PhD - looking into how each aspect was affected, from customer attitude to perceived professionalism, customer loyalty etc.


You have a split second to make that first impact. Do you really want people wondering what it is when they have hundreds of others competing for their attention?

Better to have that brief bit of attention light up with something more positive. That’s my theory but of course we all can disagree.


I’ve seen it all on here – from Selena Gomez, JAYZ, Angelina Jolie, Justin Bieber, adult film actresses, models, Politicians, Big Bird etc. Some, swore up and down that it’s their “real” pic. :roll_eyes:


:rofl: Madness.

I remember chatting with Miss Crystal about the power of the subconscious mind. I think some sellers really need to think carefully about the messages they’re unintentionally sending out.


A slight off-topic: Your picture is great. It’s the perfect blend of warm and professional.


Thanks for the compliment. :blush:

I guess to answer OP question.

I’m OK with a Seller using a caricature/avatar/logo or a real photo is fine. For some people, they are shy, which is fine. However, the ones using celebrity pics and whatnot, I stay away from.


You’re welcome.

I agree entirely. I do think a real photo is optimal, but would never hold a cartoon or logo or drawing against a seller.

Fake images, however, are a huge no-no. They make me think of this meme:


I recommend using your picture on your profile. The anonymity of an online marketplace can make buyers nervous. People like to know who they’re communicating with and giving money to. Being able to see a face helps put them at ease to get you that sale.