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To fiverr GUI developers - please consider to separate Inbox and Notifications

Hello Fiverr developers,

Please consider to separate Inbox and Notifications and make it as root menu. I sincerely believe it will improve site usability.


  • Victor (ItConsultSrv)

Aww! I love to switch between those two.

(When I have no work, I click notification>>message>>notification. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I know is probably not your idea, please share it with those who’s responsible. I also kindly encourage all fiverr users to comment/like this post to draw attention to this subject matter. I kindly suggest to make Notifications as a Bell icon and Inbox as a Mail icon alongside with shopping cart icon, just a suggestion though please make the way you believe is the best but we really want to have those two separated and in the main menu. Thanks a lot!

  • Victor (ItConsultSrv)

Yes i also need them separate… In fact i didn’t like even a single thing in this updated version.

Create a poll so everyone can cast a vote for either a Yes or a No…


Yes. I like that their are two separate ICONS - one resembles a “mail envelope” , one resembles “bell”.