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To Fiverr hierarchy, hows about not taking 20% today due to your website crashing all day long


Cannot deliver orders http error…blahh


That sounds like a good idea.


Try using a different browser! I mainly use chrome, but that error has been happening a lot lately and I find if I switch to explorer or firefox or something else it helps. There have been days where I have to keep switching between gigs. Good luck!


Yes I too have luck switching browsers.


It is NOT a good idea… And while I wouldn’t be keen on sharing 40% with fiverr so the problem gets fixed… …this is still a start up, the beta may be gone; however, we’re still pioneers. That’s why we have so much opportunity.

I trust that Fiverr will continue to get better and as for me and my house, we’re cool with 20%


That Is a good point, but I have customers also telling me they are not receiving notification for messages, and order deliveries. It seems we could get penalized for Issues that are outside of our control… Besides I was a little disheartened when I wrote this post as these Issues I have experienced for over a year now, but we still love Fiverr : D!!!


If you can’t deliver an order mention in the order notes. Most people say ‘fine’. However, if you still can’t deliver and they cancel, from my experience, the customer support will remove the negative feedback from you.


Just a suggestion, while it can be frustrating in a worst case scenario you can deliver to your buyer via Dropbox if you had to. I have done this when the site has had problems. Dropbox can send them a simple download link.