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To get bad review or to cancel an order?

I had an issue with a buyer where the buyer wasn’t fully satisfied with the work he was going to get and told me that will not take the delivery (but that is going to pay me anyway (somehow)). So I decided to cancell the order as the buyer said he won’t take delivery.
But I am wondering would it be better to deliver the order?
Also, if buyer isn’t going to complete the order delivery, he can just cancell the order by himself?
If not, then he get the work and a chance to leave a review. So what is worst for riputation etc. - cancellation or not good review? Can you make it clearer for me?

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You can basically go either way, but if you don’t have a lot of reviews then I’d say that bad review will cause more damage. I understand that you’ve invested your time in this and you’d like to get paid, but the truth is that if a buyer really wants to get their money back then they will get it one way or the other. (Even when CS agrees that you should get paid, buyer can still request a chargeback through PayPal and there’s nothing CS can do about this)

Considering that you only have 11 reviews, I say, cancel the order and move on. It’s my personal opinion, so it doesn’t mean you should definitely follow it :wink:


Hi, getting the negative review will hurt you badly instead of cancelation. Negative review will appear on you profile but cancellation not appears.


Yeah, I don’t care about getting these money so much as aboout not having opportunity to move further with next buyers.
It says that if you cancell an order then you’ll get lower in sellers list or smth.
But I also think it seems better now then to get a bad review.

Also, if I (or either buyer) proceed a cancelletion, does buyer have an opportunity to leave any review to the order?

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In case of cancellation, buyer is not allowed to place any kind of feedback/review

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Thank you for your help

A cancellation in this case is better than a bad review.
A bad review will really hurt your progress going forward.


Your response is incorrect. In case of cancellation, buyer cannot leave a review; however, buyer feedback is mandatory.

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yes i just mixed up both things. you are right.

I know it’s nerve wracking early on to cancel - but it’s best in the long run for two reasons - 1) you want to build your business with people that like your work and are nice to work with and 2) there is no need to work so hard for a bad review.

You’ll find cancelling - even after time has been put in - is actually good for business sometimes.

I believe it is better to cancel than have a bad review.


Never exploit yourself to avoid a bad review. All legitimate buyers take reviews with a grain of salt plus you can respond to share your side of the story.

There is no value in working for free. None. It’s so disappointing to see people encouraging each other to exploit themselves.


Hi, I have also experienced this case.
I thought I didn’t want to work for free and contacted customer support to resolve this, but the client didn’t reply to our message and was uncooperative.
This was a waste of time and I decided to cancel the order.

Thank you for the ideas, it will be helpful for a newbie like me