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To get gig rank how many impressions need?

Dear all, Please share your valuable comment for gig rank. The question is that

** To get gig rank how many impressions need ?**
I am a level one seller but did not get any order last 5month without buyer request.
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Thank you!


You’ve got it a bit backwards. Impressions are an indication of ‘rank’, not rank a result of impressions.


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@imagination7413 I have 4k impressions. To get the order what can I do?

How long did it take you to make four thousand impressions?

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It takes one-month for 4k impressions


May I ask, which service do you providing?

There is no “secret” method or sure way to get orders. You’re off to a good start with your gigs, they are very visually clean and appealing. Weighing in as a copywriter, however, your text needs work.

If you are a team of 25+ people, then you use “we”, “us”, and “our.” If you are a single person, you would use “I”, “mine” and “me”. You can’t mix the two or it sounds unprofessional.

You’re also asking for trouble with stuff like “satisfaction guarantees” and “100% money back” type of phrases - I’d heavily caution you to take those out entirely. You also lean on the passive voice too much, which is bad for both confidence and sales.



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This is great advice for me I will update very soon. Thank you so much!