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To get job by applying the buyer request


Hellow Fiverr Friends,

Today I will give you some tips to get your first jobs in fiverr!
☛☛Everyday you must try to apply the buyer request.
☛☛Always use some proffesional writins like that (Hi, Hello, Thank You regards etc).
☛☛Always try to write your own proposals.
☛☛Try to show him/her some past work link which was done by you.
☛☛Add your own experience.
☛☛Always try to apply the buyer request by your PC/Desktop.
☛☛Everyday try to apply the buyer request at lest 5-8 but try to apply per day 10 buyer request.

I think buyer request is the most helpful for the new seller in the fiverr.If a new seller continue apply the buyer request everyday, he might be get a job from fiverr by buyer request in 15-30 days.

Thank you
Add your own knowledge in comments if you have any.


How many orders have you received through buyers request?


I am Monjur Hosen,
Thank you very much for your nice tips


the first 10-12 orders.


Thank you very much @monjurhossen


You have made 10-12 sales (or more), but have no reviews?


Hello sir it is my new account.


Do you have a duplicated account?


No,It is a metter of sorrow that my old account is band because I used that account in same ip so one day i was show my account is deactive.


brilliant bro thanks for inspiring us


Welcome brother @sis_graphics


Did you get the permission from Customer Support to open a new account?


Thanks for your information


oh friend this is very helpful thanks


Thanks for valuable information


@rasheedchp bro welcome


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Wlcome Brother @walidhasanriyad


thats very useful tips bro … thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


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