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To get more orders should you stay 15 hours online or not in a day?

Many of freelancers says that to get more orders on fiverr at new stage everyone should stay online at least 12 to 15 hours. But besides this I think it is more important to get more orders, you should marketing your gigs in different social media. Because Impression, clicks, views are very important to rank or show your gig in first page. Most of the buyers gives order from first 2 or 3 pages.

I think it will more helpful to rank your gig at first page and get fast order.

If you know other effective way to get more order please share with us in comment.


This it terrible advice, and not at all accurate. Asking other sellers to bookmark your gig will NOT lead to more sales. Bookmarks only mean that a gig is saved so people can find it again later. It has absolutely nothing to do with ranking in the search engine.


No. How much you spend on Fiverr will not get you more sales. There is not much you can do except find your clients on Buyer Request, share your gig and wait. Try to see what’s working for everyone who is doing good in your niche, extract the most common things they are doing right and do that as well. Other than that, maybe a video presentation and a catchy thumbnail.


If Fiverr detects that (eg. mutliple sellers exchanging favourites even with no interest in the gigs) the sellers might get in trouble for “attempting to manipulate the system”.


The favorite advice is so bad, it can’t even be considered an attempt to manipulate the system. This is how ineffective and stupid the favorite advice is :slight_smile:


Though I assume spending some/a reasonable amount of time on the site might help a bit if buyers use the “online” filter in the Fiverr search or maybe check the “online” green light. Though responding to buyer messages in a reasonable amount of time will probably help too.


Stay online, and market your gigs, without any substance attached, is posted on the forum every day without fail.

The favourite exchange has already been discredited.

Is this really worthy of a Tips for Sellers topic! :roll_eyes:


No not at all there is a big gap between your information and the fact @masudete

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Well, I would rather be offline when those buyers come online :slight_smile: If they search for people online, they want something fast and I don’t offer fast services :stuck_out_tongue:

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As harsh as this may sound, I can’t help but think that @masudete would spend his time better by trying to get some sales of his own rather than advising others on how to achieve something that he hasn’t yet achieved.


Thank you sir to give such an exclusive advice.

It isn’t about the time you spend. It is what you DO with your time.

Focus on learning your market instead of trying to find tricks to game the system. These things do not work.

It’s very tiring having to explain this over and over again.


It’s a very bad idea, related to those groups, they are created for review manipulation.
Focus on what you can offer, you cannot give advice when you do not even have a completed order.
Use forum search, it will help you more than searching for such groups.

You do not even have a completed order and you want to be on top?


Is it really possible to detects. Because generally exchangers use facebook or other platform to favorite gig.

I assume so, even if they don’t know of the offsite group. The system could just analyse which sellers are Favouriting which other gigs and see which are Favouriting theirs in return. They should be able to easily recognise/detect “groups” of favouriting being done by sellers.


This is turning into an Improve My Gig topic. If you want specific help you need to create a separate topic.


I got 2 orders from Buyer Request and one from normal buyers in less than 1 month, so it’s possible. I’m also in the logo design business, so the competition is greater than in other niches.


Oh sir thank you so much . I really don’t know about this topic. I thought if i manage to make favorite my gig i will get more orders. But now i understand this is an illegal way


Thank you sir for your advice. I am new at fiverr thanks to correct me…

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Not only it is probably forbidden in Fiverr ToS, but it is also ineffective and you would waste your time trying to get your gig favorite. I suggest you do something that few people do in your niche until you get to level 1. Like offer responsive design for all your packages, not just the premium one. Offer less pages, not a premium theme, no premium plugins for the basic/standard ones, but offer the responsive design for all packages. This will probably get you ahead of competition, even if you work harder. At least you work.