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To get rate for fiverr gig


I have createed a gig 3 days ago and it is shown in first page of search results.(Still I did not get a order)But it is not rated yet.what should I do for to get rating…Anybody …please help me… :frowning:


Dear myeasycache, 98% is not the gig’s rating. It’s the seller’s overall rating. You can find the gig’s rating next to the estimated delivery date. This specific gig has not been rated yet. Good luck getting your first order and get a 100% rating :slight_smile:


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It’ been pretty quiet these last few weeks in respect of sales, but now the holidays are over I am sure you will get a sale and get your first rating. When you make a sale and complete the buyer may leave you a thumbs up or a thumbs down, just hang tight and I’m sure you’ll make your first sale soon




Thank you for your reply.Did you see my gig? Is there anything wrong? .There are some gigs that have rating without completing a single job .How is that possible?.Please explain to me…

[Sherrif’s Note: Please do not call out other member of Fiverr on the forum. Thank You :slight_smile: ]


Don’t worry if you’re not getting orders straight away- sometimes they take a while to get going, but, once you’ve got your first order and your business is growing, then you’ll be well on your way :slight_smile: Why not start up a couple more gigs to increase your chances of interest and try to reach out to a wider market?


Thank you very much both of you for your opinions …I got the first order and completed it successfully. :x