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To get review your gigs just comment below

To get review your gigs and detailed opinion of your gigs about getting more sales.
If you would like to review me back and let me some feedback as well that would be great.

Don’t paste your link here, just comments.

Check mine…

Thank you for comment. I just check your gigs.
You should rewrite description as long as possible and eye catching.
One important thing is that you should use your own smiling face as your profile.
Your gig images must be something outstanding. See the similar or popular gig and get a better idea. Rewrite the tags, it’s most important.

please check my template design gig.

Check my gigs


Please check my gig and profiles ,thank

please check my gig please. Thanks

Check my Halloween gig ^.^

Your gig title and description are not relevant with tags. Please change the tags which must be relevant with title such as idea etc.

Your gig is fine. you must be patience.

You are most welcome

Hello! Your gig is almost ok but i suggest you, Please rewrite the title and make it short. You should remove ‘work with…’ i think it is not necessary to get potential buyers.

Your gig is fine. I suggest you to remove (^^) this symbol and make sure your Profile just standout.

Please check my one…

kindly check out my gig, thanks.

Rewrite your profile about make it standout.

Your gig is almost fine. Thanks

Would you mind checking out mine?

No need to post your URL or self promotion here. It’s spamming.