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To have success you need to be patient

When i firstly opened a fiverr account i decided to be a seller on fiverr.
At the beginning i didnt get any orders and i thought to quit .
But after a few days i get a notification on my email address that i have a new message from a buyer.
He saw my gig and he asked me about the service i provide and so i got my first order. That was the moment that i realize the being patient is the key. Also your gig should be simple and nice.
This are my advices for new sellers.
Thank you!

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whao thanks

Well said, andy! That has been my experience as well. Be patient, and don’t get discouraged if things start slow.

Thank you!

I’m agree with you…

I have had a slow climb over years to reach a steady number of clients.

Very insightful. Had a similar experience and almost gave up along the way, but here I am. Thanks fiverr community

I think professionalism matters a lot. No matter, what you offer, how you present yourself matters. So, I constantly change and edit my profile whenever I see fit.

Best of luck for future :slight_smile:

Yes agree with you i got my first order only after few days. I spent my time on here with fiverr community and learned alot tips. And now i keep visiting here and i am always getting new things here.
Every one should visit this forum and ask to experienced Sellers and buyers here if some one want to know anything.
Every one is great here and helping each other.
Love fiverr and love fiverr community.

As a new seller here I totally agree. The fiverr community is what attracted me as I love the community spirit. We are all in this together!

You should be treating this as you would any other business and ADVERTISE!

While Fiverr does offer a HUGE pool of potential customers it is very important to also do your own promotion.

What is the best way to get started promoting you ask? Social media.

Join relevant facebook groups and post your gig there. Tweet about it, g+ it, share it on pinterest.

Ask yourself where your potential clients are hanging out and find a way to reach them there.

Once you have finally acquired that first customer, make sure you treat them like GOLD. Customer service is so important, and if you treat them right they are sure to come back to you over and over again!

I recently discovered fiverr… Immediately created gigs and got started, also at that stage now where I just have to be patient and wait for that first sale…

Thanks for your advise.I decided to quite for not getting a single order.Now I think I will wait and be patient.Thanks

Patience is a great asset to own.

You really need patience. I started out on Fiverr doing audio productions and I knew I was up against some very competitive gigs and TRS’s… but as time went on I started getting more and more orders. As long as you make sure you’re delivering a really good product, and keeping your buyers happy… you’ll get great reviews and before you know it, you’ll be selling more and more. Over deliver and keep communicating. That’s the key!

Good tip. Patience is essential as an entrepreneur. You must understand that you will not have dozens of sales overnight. It takes time to build a client base and establish yourself as a reputable seller with the help of a few positive reviews.

I actually joined fiverr today, and have posted two gigs, I have actually gained lots of relevant info from the fiverr community thanks to individuals here…

Patience is one of the most important things. Before 4 months I posted one gig and I thought buyers will come all alone without my effort to attract them. After a few days I didnt log in on fiverr for about next 2-3 months, and then someone send me message, that was my first order and I was really happy with that. Then I put all of my efforts and work on other gigs based on what I know to do. Then for just 12 days I’ve become level 1 seller, and now I am looking for more. And one more important thing, I’ve become a real friend with lot of my customers. Thanks to fiverr, and I hope so that I helped someone! Good luck all :slight_smile:

Yes, you are very right andy1998. I also joined Fiverr about a month ago and I was finding myself really depressed when I didn’t get any orders. But I waited and just after 2 weeks of patience, I got two orders and the experience was great. One has got to be very patient when working for one’s self. And yes again, the Fiverr community is very amazing as there is answer to every query of yours. Hats off to the Fiverr community. Happy Selling!