To help my clients, I lost placement in the list!


Hi there!
I have a BIG problem with ranking for my gig!
My gig has lost several positions.
Some of my customers made the wrong shopping, I asked them to cancel their orders, this led to the descent of position.
But it was not my fault, it was the fault of the customers who bought the wrong gigs.
How can I fix this?


You have to clearly add details of your gig… use better heading for the gig …


my gig is “I Will Do VIRAL Music Promotion”… what i can improve?


You must add details clearly in the " About This Gig" box… that will give idea of what kind of gig you are publishing… every time they order the wrong gig, it’s with a problem with customers/ not yours…


If this is their problem… why fiverr have penalized my gig?


I have no idea friend//