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To increase selling


hello everyone
I was a seller in fiverr since 2 years and also i could get many orders last year. But i had a exam then i was on vacation mode in fiverr. But after active in fiverr again i couldnt get any orde yet. Please help fiverrs.


hey matrixiogo

Its very usual
No need to be worry
just be online on fiver
buyer request will be pop-up
just reply them


Thank you @asma_creations1 :blush:


Very natural problem. Since the community is growing and everyone is continuously posting gigs here, newbies might have to wait in a long line.


I will never go to Vacation mode. :roll_eyes:


Please take some time to learn how to market and promote your gigs to the target customers that need your services. YOU will have to learn how this works, we are not going to do your research for you. Marketing and promoting your gigs could bring in new customers and orders.


Thank you for your advice @jonbaas :blush: