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To jonbass - keyword density


It use to be in the google world, your keyword density was a factor in your ranking. Do you think it is a factor for your gig description on Fiverr?

Since we can’t play around with Fiverr’s html, the only plain text keyword density tool I found is at:

Hopefully it is ok to put link if I’m not promoting.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


Google uses SEO for ranking results. In that set-up, content keywords are very important. Fiverr, on the other hand, is switching to a tag-based search system. In this new set-up (which I don’t think has been implemented yet), the five tags you choose for your gig will be of utmost importance.

Since Fiverr has made it clear that they are moving AWAY from the current SEO/keyword format, I think it’s safe to assume that very soon, keywords (in title, description and url) will likely have a minimal affect on the search results.


Interesting…I wonder though if Tags are the prime criteria while other criteria combined with tags add to the algorithm formula. If tags is the only criteria then everyone will copy everyone’s tags who are doing well. Maybe I’m over thinking this but those 5 little tags may be the starting point but I think the race to the top may be a combination of things that will determine where your gig ends up being ranked. Which brings me to one other point. Everyone knows the normal stuff - promotion, title, tags, feedback, delivery, etc, etc, so I wonder if the formula contains something that is not as obvious and not the norm. Maybe, maybe not. All we can do is test and try.

Thanks for your feed back…Appreciate it.


Oh, absolutely. I’m sure “delivered on time”, “cancelled orders” and all of those performance stats will still be just as important as they are now in the search algorithm.