To many Of peoples are using Video hive templets it is allowed in fiverr


there are to many of them using Video hive temples it is allowed in fiverr


If that is a question then if you have the right license from Videohive to resell them then yes it is allowed.

I’m not sure if there is a license to resell the videos. I know it costs extra to buy a commercial use license. It would be best if people would have their buyers buy the video themselves from videohive but I’m sure most don’t do that.


Are you serious @misscrystal ? It’s illegal. There is no “right license”, the right license would be if the fiverr designers would PURCHASE the template EACH TIME they create it for their client. I have reported users many times, but fiverr doesn’t care it’s illegal. Even the commercial license doesn’t allow you multiple usage of the template file.

Basically, it’s black market and we have to report those who sell videos created from stolen templates from Videohive ;/


You do not purchase the video. There is a license which allows you to use it for commercial use and costs more.


The low-down! The nuts and bolts of this license

The Video Media (Multi-Use) License grants you, the purchaser, an ongoing, non-exclusive, commercial, worldwide license to make use of the video content (Item) you have selected, on the following terms. The Licensing FAQs form part of this license.
You are licensed to use the Item to create multiple End Products that incorporate the Item as well as other things, so that each End Product is larger in scope and different in nature than the Item.
Examples of End Products: DVDs, websites, games, presentations, online videos, corporate videos, films, TV shows and advertisements.

You can make any number of copies of each End Product. You can distribute an End Product through multiple media, and you can broadcast it or make it available online to an unlimited number of viewers.
You can modify or manipulate the Item, or combine the Item with other works, to suit each End Product. The resulting works based on the Item are subject to the terms of this license. You cannot claim ownership to the Item, whether it’s in original form or altered under this clause.


They can have license for end product but they CAN NEVER use it as a portfolio.
Videohive or any other envato product are not allowed to use as a portfolio. This is my biggest problem too. Some of them are using my flyers from graphicriver or creativemarket and fiverr ask me for documents that I am the owner while I send my login print screen etc.
These days are very hard to protect our work.

P.s extended license is different from standard license. Even if they purchase they can use for projects and not to present as their portfolio.


I just read the entire license and that is not true. You can show your work on a video in your portfolio. What you said is nowhere in the license restrictions.

You need to re-read the license.

The standard license if $8 on a video I looked at, and the multi use license is $32.


Hey @misscrystal

Once again I see people who have 0 knowledge of the video marketplace commenting and giving advice on matters they don’t comprehend fully.

I see you don’t fully understand the extended license, as you left out a key limitation when you copied and pasted above:

This license is a “single application” license and not a “multi-use” license, which means that you can’t use the Item to create more than one unique End Product.

Which means that when a seller purchases an extended license they can edit and resell the template ONCE

So each time a new buyer here on fiverr purchases their service, if they were to be operating legally, they would need to purchase the license a-new.

Nowe you do the math and tell me:

when sellers here showcase a videohive template and they sell it for $5, when the single license is $20-$40, isn’t that a clear sign that said sellers are operating illegally?

heck 9 out of 10 times they didn’t even purchse the template, they torrented it.


I didn’t mean to copy the entire license so please forgive me for not doing that!

Nor do I pretend to be an expert at this so your patronizing hostile comment is way off track.


you think that was my problem with your post? or the fact that people looking to illegally resell templates will read your post and say “gee, I can do that? Awesome!”

You were quick to give a wrong answer, that’s enough for me to jump in and try to set the record straight.


I don’t think you read about the “multi use license” as there are two types of licenses.

Please read about the multi use license.


@missycristal it’s not how you say. LOGO STINGERS and LOGO TITLES do not have such a license, “VIDEO MEDIA MULTI USE LICENSE:”

They have just the regular license and extended license which both apply to SINGLE-END products. The multi use license is for stock footage…so please, that is something so completely different …

Trust me, I design logo intros myself and know that 90+% of those fiverr “sellers” call themselves “designers” when they just steal content from videohive and sell it multiple times. which is illegal. 100%


what are you on about?

where is that “multi-use” license?

there’s only a standard and extended license on VH (after effects templates).

Please send a direct link, not a quote.



I’m not interested in this anyway so please do your own research.


Well I guess she doesn’t know what she is talking about :confused: It’s great that she reads licenses and checks it out, most fiverr “designers” don’t bother to read licenses at all!

I have total respect for @misscrystal , but we have to be precise here


Full license agreements

Regular License
Extended License
Music Standard License
Music Broadcast License (1 Million)
Music Mass Reproduction License
Music Broadcast License (10 Million)
Music Broadcast & Film License
SFX (Single Use) License
SFX (Multi-Use) License
Video Media (Single Use) License
Video Media (Multi-Use) License
PhotoDune Regular License
PhotoDune Extended License
T-Shirt Regular License
T-Shirt Extended License
Tools License
Logo License
Course License


No @misscrystal you can’t give out wrong answers here on the forum, enabling meksells here on the forum to further expand their illegal practices and when I call you out about not knowing what you are talking about you just slither your way out as “not interested”

own your mistake please.


Please @misscrystal don’t paste all licenses here, you are wrong. That’s the problem, but you do not use those items so you don’t have to know exactly all the nitty gritty, but the designers should be more aware


Is that precise enough for you??? A list of all the different types of licenses?

Please show some respect and common courtesy. I’m not in a competition here about who knows what.


we are talking about videohive templates. it’s either regular or extended.


It’s like you would buy a car and take the instruction from a skateboard and tried to apply the skateboard user instruction to a car, you can’t just select which license fits you from the list of all licenses on Videohive lol :smiley:

Oh great, I can drive a car on the sidewalk because the skateboard user guide said so