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To many Of peoples are using Video hive templets it is allowed in fiverr


I’ve just read the entire multi use license. I believe it to be true. No need to try to be such superior individuals. I have no interest or knowledge of this aside from what I read on the Videohive website.


hey @misscrystal

the question was for after effects templates on Videohive.

after effects templates have a standard and an extended license. there is no multi-use license.

you found a different kind of license only applicable to stock footage, and you are trying to defend (?!?!?) your find?

I am not attacking you, I am trying to get the correct answer out there, so when people read this thread, they don’t start publishing more illegal gigs. The video section of Fiverr is plagued with illegal gigs.

if you can see that, then great.

if not, then please just consider stopping with the false info. K? thanks!


I’m pretty sure that you can.


I see the name “videohive” here in the op’s question. I don’t see the word Aftereffects.

No it wasn’t.

Yes you are.


really looking forward to reading a thread about spells and witchcraft so I can share my opinion on it and make sure I spread out as much false info as I possibly can!


I’m not sure why you are being so nasty. Hoping you can calm down a little.

All I did was answer the OP’s question by reading the Videohive multi use license. No need to go ballistic over it.


you answered the OP incorrectly.

you did not understand the question, the license applicable, what the license says and how it applies to this marketplace.

and you are still sticking to it.


What are you going to do to stop them?


@misscrystal I tought you were polite and tried to answer meritorically correct, but HOW can you assume such a thing

What on earth ? And how can you assume that After Effects is not involved here. You don’t even know apparently what a “template” is and you assume stock footage falls into that category…oh boy. We are not trying to attack you, but you spread false information and assume it’s correct, when two professionals try to tell you what is the truth.

Take any template from this list: (yes, after effects project files are indeed templates) and on the right side you have two licenses, both applicible to SINGLE END-USER products.

We know you are not interested, but don’t give false info here. How can you argue on that


To many Of peoples are using Video hive templets it is allowed in fiverr

It’s a simple question. With the proper license yes you can use them.


Yo @frank_d how 'bout you chill out for a moment? She merely tried to be helpful. If you do not agree with her views, that doesn’t give you a license to go to straight up pointing and ignorant calling. Your reply could have been much more helpful if you tried to “set the records right” rather than taking a dig at one of the most active and respected users.
I hope you got my point.


It’s not a simple question and you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. No , you can’t , @misscrystal you don’t know what a template is. You are refering to stock items, motion elements and footage which can be used as one of many elements going into a template, in the end to create several templates, but the OP question is regarding “video hive templates”. How can you still write such things after we explained it to you 3 times?

No, it is NOT LEGAL to use videohive templates and sell them on fiverr, only if you would purchase one license each time you sell the video project. Meaning it would be only worth if you would charge more (cost of the template + cost of your time and work) then all would be clear. But since people skip the license part and just sell illegaly the fiverr video animation category is basically a black market with few exeptions.

I sell original content and have to directly compete with illegal users, and fiverr doesn’t care a lot


yo @deluxewriting

this is not a matter of opinion.

I am pretty chilled I assure you.

Facts are facts though. I hope you can understand that.


It’s not my job to do something about it.

I tried fighting it when I first registered on this platform, but Fiverr doesn’t want to do something about it.


You have a valid point but she is not beeing helpful, she doesn’t understand what this topic is about and just spams false info. That’s not helpful or constructive, it’s misleading. And there is no “view” here, she is wrong in that very important matter and doesn’t want to understand our statements.


I do. However, if you cannot express your opinion on a forum, then kindly do the courtesy of at least letting me know about the place where we can. Probably the local Starbucks would be a good choice, right?


There is an extended license available for After Effects videos. Each license is for one use.


I know this is a sensitive issue as it has been discussed repeatedly on the forum.
Regardless of the rights and wrongs of people’s statements, answers should always be respectful towards other users. Disagreeing is obviously ok as is trying to prove you are right but this should be done only using evidence and not by putting other users down - that serves no purpose in the discussion.


So a user on this forum, sees a thread about open heart surgery and starts replying that they strongly believe washing your hands prior to opening the person up is not at all necessary.

where does an opinion end and negligence begins?


It wouldn’t give you the right to be abusive like you have been to me.

All I did was read the Videohive website extended license, along with the Aftereffects extended license and answer the op’s question.

If people on this site are using the license improperly that’s another matter.