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To New Sellers - Don't borrow images from Google

I wanted to let new sellers on Fiverr know that it is not permissible to borrow images from Google images to use as your gig photos. I know of a seller who has been on the platform a long time and has established a good reputation. This seller always has orders and is in the number 1 spot frequently. I was updating my gigs yesterday and noticed that their gig was lower down in the search results.

I didn’t think much at first and then noticed that the photo of the seller was a female. The seller I know this image belongs to is a male. So I pulled up both gig pages and realized that they were both using the same image. The female was a recent seller so I figured the image probably was his and she borrowed it from Google images where all of our images are indexed under our Fiverr tags and keywords. I messaged him to let him know that someone esle was using his gig image and if he created it he needs to let CS know so they can deal with the situation.

So just so you know, you need to make or use your own images. Don’t borrow from Google. If you need images you can go to Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash for images without copyright issues.


Why not? If they are officially free stock photos and images? For your kind of gigs (writing), it is acceptable. Now, you are not allowed to SELL the stock photos, but there are not restrictions on using them for your gig image, or blog or website, i believe. Its always good to read the terms of use for whatever photo you are using.

If it was a photo of trees or a park bench or something like that it would be acceptable, but this is an image that a Fiverr seller made for their gig, it is specific in the wording and is linked to their profile. These images are stored in Google images because they have our gig tags and keywords. Go to Google and type in article writer or write articles and then select “images.” you"ll see all those images listed under Fiverr or another platform. I make my own gig images in Canva and probably a lot of other sellers do too. How would you feel if someone decided to borrow images from your gig that you made?

The vast majority of pictures on Google Images are not free-to-use stock photos. You cannot just take someone else’s picture and use it however you want, even if they are images of park benches or trees.

Yes, you’re right. I looked that up just now and that is true. The images are copyrighted and not free to use - even if it is a tree or other inaminate object.

I see what you mean. Thats bad.

The discussions about copyright can be endless. I think that majority of people just dont know how it works and that it is always better to go to pexels than to google images for that.

I am talking from a music perspective, if you dont take the necessary steps to protect your work, and you put it on the net, then it can be claimed by anyone. I guess it is similar with photos. Thats why i say, always check for terms of use, if any.

Yes, there are a lot of sources for free images. You just have to be careful and read the terms of use. I like to create my own images to be different and it’s fun to see how creative you can be with them.

Thats the best, originality is highly appreciated in everything we do, and at every step. Is there a way to protect original photos you put on internet, I always wondered? Writing a phrase, or something like that? Whats the procedure, if any?

The images that we use in Fiverr for our buyers are “watermarked” which is only removed after the order is paid for. Here is an article that probably answers your question a little better…


Interesting stuff. Thanks

You’re welcome! I have learned a lot about copyright infringement since coming to this platform. I had someone order from me for a rewriting gig and I realized as I was going through his content that the images he was using was from Google images. It was an article on physical oddities (people born with a blue eye and a green eye, or 6 fingers, etc) and so I knew I couldn’t rewrite this content using the same images so I found free ones and substituted them, rewrote all the content to be unique and different and when I sent it to him he demanded a refund. He was mad that I changed all the photos and rewrote all the text. Well, isn’t that what he hired me for to begin with? To create an article on the same topic but unique? That’s what rewriting is. Taking the original idea or inspiration and creating something new from it. I turned down his request for a refund because I did the job as outlined in the gig description (even if it wasn’t what he expected) and I knew he would probably use the article anyway.


I believe that you should put this post in the fiver seller tips category, its a good one.

Yes, good idea. Thanks.