To new sellers: tips on how to start selling without delay



I joined Fiverr few months ago, and shortly after I became aware that there are many sellers offering my graphic designing gig. I soon discovered also that I have a limit of just 10 offers per day.

Seeing the first as one major challenge, I decided to brace up for the competition. I brainstormed, trying to figure out a way to hit at selling my first gig, and in no time I figured out a few simple, but smart strategies I could employ to get ahead and win advantage over others.

I employed these strategies without delay and in no time my gig started selling, and so, I have decided to couple these strategies in a concise content to help every newbie.
Now, to you new sellers;

Firstly, Be Punctual. What I mean here is that, stay online for a good period of time, plus, refresh your page regularly. so doing, you will get new buyers request feed before others.

Secondly, realise that you have a limit of 10 offers per day, so you need to use this chance wisely to get a fair rate of turn over for your gig.
You can achieve this by scanning through the available buyer request listed, and then pick out the requests that have lesser numbers of offers already sent. This done, you can still go a step further(before sending your offer ) to identify from the selected buyers request, the once you know that you can conveniently deliver. Then send your offer in clear and scalable terms.
These simple strategies worked for me, and I do hope it will work for you as well.



You know, buyer requests is not the only way to land clients on Fiverr. There are a lot of other options, like other Forums specific to your gigs or social media where you can advertise your gigs.


I should also note… contrary to what you claim in your post, you do not appear to have sold a single gig. Please do not pretend to be successful, when you not. And I don’t recommend posting advice for others, when you yourself have absolutely no sales experience.

It does not appear as though “this has worked for you” in any way.




Why do people do this is beyond my understanding ? Is this some strategy to advertise yourself ? I feel making such claims do more harm than good to your repuation on fiverr.


What a plonker…


You are lying. You have not made even a single sale.


Thank you, Saved my time :slight_smile:. do you have another strategy though?:slight_smile:


How did my comment “save you time”? I don’t understand your reply. It does not seem to relate to my original post above.


Very helpful. Thanks


Your opinion absolutely right.