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To NEWBIES: Drop your question

Hi there,
Just got some free time and wanted to help NEWBIES those are seeking for guideline. So I or the experts in this platform going to reply or share their experience to your legit queries if there any.


Hi how to obtain visibility and gain clients? Thank you


Getting the visility you meant to rank your GIGs I belive. First you need to create a GIG with the best skill you got. Then create the GIG in a proper way: do keyword research, write a nice description, tell what you offer, put the best prices, do the GIG marketing in social media.
Use the Fiverr mobile app stay connected and reponse your clients promptly…
Learn more from google and youtube.

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Actually, YouTube ‘experts’ are expert at providing mostly poor advice to Fiverr newbies.

The best source of CORRECT information is through this Forum by asking users who have been here for more than a year for their assistance.


Yes agree with you. most of the YouTube content about gig promotion is not enough and information is very unauthentic.

So, here is something that I want to know. I Open my acc on fiverr jan 2021 I didn’t spent too much time. But recently more likly 30 days I spend 8-10 hours, I created 4 gigs but still can’t find any job. Is there any problem with my gig or I don’t know what should I do?

Plz share some information that really works.

Thanks in advance.


We have a category on the forum where you can do just that.

It is called Improve My Gig.

That’s where I go to help others in my free time.

Am sure any help you give there will be appreciated.


how can i get more Oder???
what can do ???

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. Are you a new seller? This is how you get more orders:
. How to get any orders at all ... and get more once you have a few
. Before you ask about HOW TO GET ORDERS or No Orders: READ THIS (MORE ORDERS, Tips, Buyers, First Order, Impressions, Sales)


Check the impression and clicks of your gigs. If those are not many, then do the keyword research and social media marketing.


Again, social media marketing is a waste of time.


Just another meaningless statement with no substance!


@shapon1 I’m curious.

Where do you get all of this “fabulous” information you are sharing?

You do know that posting on the Forum and being active on the Forum DOES NOT help your Gig status at all.

But you must already know that.


Newbies would be best to follow this: New Sellers … The True Way to Success!


you are absolutely right :grinning:

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thank you for your time, I have a question, I had to cancel one order last month, It was mutual cancellation but my order completion rate went down to 50%, even i don’t get any knock after this, what should i do now? already one month left

Please see:
The cancellation will stop affecting your gig after 60 days.

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Is it weird that this topic really irks me? Especially the quote above.

Where does one come off expecting others to reply to any queries or questions?

So far, the OP hasn’t contributed a single excellent, good or even an adequate advice. :roll_eyes:


No it isn’t. I share your pain!

And that is why it isn’t!


I find it…odd as well.

There are plenty of individual threads of desperate sellers wanting feedback on their gigs. I find it more appropriate to check those out and reply to them if I feel like/want to contribute somehow.

This isn’t a helpful tip/advice thread either, as those normally have the OP post an in-depth/detailed opening post and are normally followed by replies of appreciation or second opinions/insight contributed by others.


The above is from my post above. This topic just doesn’t seem to fit the Conversations category.