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To our passionate community,

The forum and blog are places where the community can constructively learn from each other and be open about their opinions. We encourage open discussions and constructive reviews. However, lately due to the ARS topic, we have seen some discussions escalate to the point where not everyone’s opinions are welcome. We know that there are mixed reviews on the topic but this does not mean opinions should be discarded.

Our forum team and CS team have received numerous complaints from members who are afraid to share their thoughts or who have been verbally attacked for doing so. This is unacceptable. All members belong on the forum and should feel welcome to join discussions on the forum. Any action that disrespects fellow members in any way will lead to removal from the forum and in severe cases, Fiverr.

We welcome discussions, constructive reviews and comments both positive or negative, we want to make sure that we stay respectful to each other in the process.

“To our passionate community”

We are passionate because we care. It would be simple to roll over and accept what fiverr says is fact, however as a community, we have a loud voice that continues to go unheard.

When I first messaged customer support about the ARS, I received a standard copy/paste reply promising that new features were in development to aid fiverr sellers. Perhaps if you made your intentions clear, people would be more receptive to your points. Similarly, a brief acknowledgement post from fiverr confirming that you are reading the discussions on the forums would be great.

Additionally, the ARS is currently bugged (yay), see this;

It was bound to happen. Give a forum a divisive topic, be it religion, politics or the ARS and it will devolve into rabid baboons calling for the heads of their enemies.

It’s unfortunate that this happened and I do not want to turn this thread into yet another debate on the ARS. BUT, I do want to say that I feel there needs to be more of a presence from Fiverr on these forums. (I will admit I have seen @natalieab on here more often now than before.) I feel, and I have seen a similar sentiment elsewhere on these forums, that Fiverr is too hands off. If there was more consistent interaction and communication, there might not have been as much vitriol. (Let’s be honest though, there would have been vitriol regardless…but a lot less…maybe.)

Reply to @theslackjaw: Open, clear communication is all I want. The ARS is undoubtedly staying for good, so the least fiverr can do is address some of our concerns in a transparent way.

Reply to @mrproofreading: I agree. This has been a recurring theme since I joined.

Reply to @mrproofreading: It’s not a big deal, Picking the option “Positive Reviews” will help. Until they fix this BUG.

Reply to @gamesdev: The bug has now fixed anyway.

Guys, the ARS is an issue indeed, but it is not THE ISSUE. The most important problem is the check-box field on the left of the Gig pool page. Buyers will only tick ‘Top Rated’ there. Surely, this is awesome for sellers like you, MrProofreading, but for me, as a Level 2 Seller, it has proven disastrous.

Reply to @fiveathome: Nope, it has killed my sales rather than help me. The default search page directs to ‘recommended’ where new sellers are found. I used to average 10-15 orders a day. At the moment, I’m lucky to get 4-5.

Reply to @fiveathome: TRS here and my sales have dwindled radically since the advent of this “innovation.”

keep up the good work fiverr team, cheers

I created my account only 1 month ago so I never experienced the other system. It is also true that the kind of work I offer on Fiverr is probably rated differently than graphic design for example. It is either well done or not, there is no real in between or room for subjectivity. This is why I am not bothered by this new rating system.

I always think that, if the work is delivered as advertised, and the seller communicative, buyer should rate 5 stars

Reply to @kjblynx: You are right. I did not take everything into consideration. I am hoping this kind of situation (buyer in a bad mood) doesn’t happen too often. Then it could become a real problem…

Reply to @fiveathome: I’d like to see an additional tab to the page, displaying completely randomized gigs from that category/search to ensure some kind of level playing field and equality of exposure with the Top Rated, Recommended, and New tabs as the secondary links rather than Top Rated being default.

I mean, it all comes down to an skewing of exposure that could depend on one client’s bad mood rating at present, so that’s my little band-aid idea.

what if the busy buyer doesn’t bother to leave a review for new seller?.