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To package, or not to package?

None of my Gigs has packages.

What I mean is that I don’t have ‘Standard’ or ‘Premium’ packages. That’s a deliberate decision because I want prospective buyers to converse with me, so that I can send a custom offer based on that conversation. I don’t want the prospective buyer to purchase a package and be perplexed or confused by what they’ve just purchased.

Basically, communication is my motive for not having packages… but having reached L2, I’m thinking of ways to increase the value I provide. What I don’t want to do is use packages as if they’re just multiples (e.g. I’ve seen proofreading and editing Gigs where the Basic package was $5/1,000 words, the Standard package was $10/2,000 words and the Premium package was $15/3,000 words).

There needs to be a distinction. How do I create that distinction?

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Hi, i m new on fiver and still i have no knowledge of about level 2 so. I m unable to suggest you. :pensive:

I’m really surprised nobody’s replied to this. I’m in the same boat. Actually, it seems they’ve made it now where you can’t create a gig without having a package. I hope I’m wrong, because I’ve come up with a new idea for a gig. But I can’t seem to create it without a package. I don’t want people to order from me without communication first. Otherwise someone’s going to make their order, only for me to cancel the order for various reasons.

Unfortunately, that is not how Fiverr is designed to work. Fiverr is a retail services marketplace. Buyers must be able to hire you – if they choose – entirely from the information and packages you list on your gig page.