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To pause or not to pause? 🤔

I’m primarily an editor.

I’ve had a writing gig that’s been paused and unpaused since I started on Fiverr. I activated it last month (or the month before that) and this is the longest it has ever been active. But, it seems like whenever I un-pause my writing gig, my editing gigs fall in ranking slightly. I enjoy writing, but I prefer editing…

To pause or not to pause? :thinking:

Customer support once told me that gigs in the same category work against one another.

They have told other people the opposite.

However, I think that what they told me is correct. Whenever I have 2-3 gigs active, the impressions always fall on the ‘main’ one. Pause the others, and the ‘main’ one shoots up in rankings. Happens if I got positive feedback on the gig too. The gig that got the positive feedback would climb up, the other one would fall down the same amount. This was when I had a gig in ‘press releases’ too.

Since editing falls under the ‘Blog Posts & Articles’ category, I would not recommend having both active unless you need them both active for whatever reason.

Hmm, interesting. You think it affects gigs in same category as main category (like graphic design) or if gigs are in same sub category (like graphic design > social media design)?

Sorry. Wrong thread!

It is in the same main category, or at least that is what I was told a year or so ago.

So, the more gigs you have in the same main category, the worse it is for you.

That being said, there are sellers which thrive in the same main category, so I have no idea.

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Thank you for the info!

I emailed Support a few months ago inquiring about it and they basically said: “It’s possible.” After tracking my stats the past few weeks (and in the past when I activated the gig), I’m 100% sure that’s exactly how it works. I think I’ll pause it soon.

I’ve come to an alternative to pausing that may result in fewer sales through search results but will keep my gig active for cross-selling, direct promotion, and repeat customers. I moved it to a less popular parent-category. So, I’ll see if having this gig in a different one improves the ranking of my editing gigs at all (or maybe even this gig) :slight_smile: