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To remove my payoneer account

i have added few days later payoneer card mistakenly but now i want to add another card to my fiverr account by replacing the old one any one here who help me to solve my problem
my email is

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Hi, I just want to know if you succeeded in this, and how did it go

may be this help…

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You need to contact payoneer in this case…

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Yes, this happened to me. I had to contact Payoneer to change it.


You succeed after contacting payoneer ? or not

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@king_of_kings Yes I did. They were able to help after verification process.


I need help
I had a fiverr account which was disabled a month back

Now I am using this new account
My question is I linked my existing payoneer account to my disabled fiverr account
I didn’t even withdraw any money from that account too

And I have linked that same payoneer account to my new as count to withdraw money
Is that make sense? Since my other account is disabled I can use that payoneer account for my new fiverr account right?
Please help me out


you can solve it nisha? im trying to cantact you on fiverr, but you spam me or something u.u… i just want some help about if you are OK with everything on fiverr

My Previous fiverr account has been disabled and was connected with payoneer account.Now can i connect my another account with payoneer? Any one can help me?

As I know fiverr can’t remove or add another payoneer in your account. You need to contact with payoneer live support and then discuss with them.

I had contacted payoneer and they had solved it.

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But my other account restricted from the payonner @michael78781 Please help me

Thanks for your valuable information. :heart_eyes::sunglasses: