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To Sellers from a buyer!


Not sure why I come across many sellers that cannot meet the deadlines and insist on coming up with crazy excuses! I think as a buyer we rather hear the truth! I have dealt with many sellers that make promises and it is so obvious to tell they are lying, especially when they cannot make the next one or to extensions!

Please if your a seller be truthful instead of trying excuses! TY we as buyers lose so much trust in Fiverr because of this experience…


We as buyers?

Thank you for the advice - I’ve never delivered late, and am sure many others here haven’t either.

Sorry you’ve encountered sellers who do deliver late, but it’s not all of us. :sunny:


Of course wasn’t meant to be an umbrella statement. Lets just say I have dealt with a handful of sellers that have been late and even with day extensions. My trust in Fiverr as with many (search the web for reviews) is losing trust and this is a big reason why. Lets see if I get my gig this week on my third extension :confused:


Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:


Really sorry about this experience. I originally joined as a buyer so I can empathize with being on that side of the coin.

So many sellers here are great and conduct great business. However, the bad ones do need to tighten up or be weeded out. Sorry you experienced that and I hope you do get your order!


Were these seasoned sellers? I usually suggest that buyers look for sellers with at least a few hundred reviews and look at their ratings and especially their negative reviews. If someone delivers late once, that is very different than someone who can’t keep a schedule and the reviews will show that.


What was the service you were buying? I’m sure there are responsible, professional and punctual sellers of that service (or know of someone who is) right here on the Forum who would love to have you as a buyer!

Just as Mike said above me, look for people with a proven track record of sales, reviews and comments and you should do well here. There are many of us here who have NEVER been late, have no negative reviews and for whom anything less than a 5-star review is something they almost never see.